Can you throw a frisbee to Milan?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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Depends where you are standing; A pro or highly skilled disc thrower can throw the disc about 70 yards, more or less. So unless you are standing within 100 yards of the city border of Milan, then throwing a Frisbee to Milan is impossible.

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Q: Can you throw a frisbee to Milan?
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What is frisby golf?

golf frisbee is basically golf but with a frisbee. the point in the game is to throw your frisbee into a basket.

What can you do with a Frisbee?

you can throw it, play catch with it, be mean and throw it at ppl. ETC...

What is that plastic disc your throw for fun called?


How do you throw a perfect game Frisbee golf?


What are sentences that rhyme with Disney?

Don't throw that Frisbee!

What is an air bounce?

An air bounce is a throw of a frisbee at a downward angle causing the frisbee to start to descend and then ascend later.

How does the discus throw work?

Actuall, You throw it like a frisbee, and you want to see how far you can throw it, whiping it may just slice the throw

What is the name of the throw off used to start a frisbee game?

The beginning throw to start the game or the throw after a team scores is call the "pull."

What makes a frisbee stay up?

Lots of things.In fact, it uses the energy you have to throw the frisbee up. Then the wind level will make it "fly". Then Gravity will pull the frisbee down towards the ground.

What is the term bomb in ultimate frisbee?

Throw it as far as your can, also known as hucking it

What is a marker in frisbee?

A marker is a defender who guards the handler, or thrower, from completing the throw.

What sport combines golf and frisbee?

Disc golf combines the throwing of a frisbee with the mechanics and rules of golf. The idea is to throw the frisbee at a series of target and those with the least amount of throws(or strokes in golf terms) wins.