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Q: Can you take a homemade banner into Wembley stadium?
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Can you take an umbrella in wembley stadium?

Yes. According to Wembley Stadium's Facebook account, you can bring in small personal backpacks with small foldaway personal umbrellas.

Can you take the tube to wembley stadium in London?

Yes, the nearest station is Wembley Park on the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines.

Where did the 1966 world cup final take place?

Wembley Stadium, London

Where do you get off the Manchester train to wembley?

The train from Manchester Piccadilly arrives into London Euston, you can then get the tube to Marylebone and take a train from Marylebone direct to Wembley Stadium.

How long did it take to build the old wembley stadium?


How many smarties would it take to fill wembley stadium?

approx 3.2 billion.....based on amount of smarties per cubic feet and cubic feet of wembley ( 3.2 million)

Which stadiums did Take That go to for the Circus Tour?

Stadium Of Light - Sunderland Ricoh Arena - Coventry Croke Park - Dublin Millenium Stadium - Cardiff Hampden Park - Glasgow Old Trafford Cricket Ground - Manchester Wembley Stadium - London

Where did the Champions League Final 2011 take place?

Wembley Stadium, England FC Barcelona vs Manchester United May 28, 2:45 pm

Is it safe to take kids to wembley?


How long did it take to builed wembley?

it took 3 years to build wembley.

What time does take that concert start at wembley on the 1st July?

details taken from wembley stadium website mon 4th july: Gates Open - 17.00 The Pet Shop Boys - 19.00 - 19.45 Take That - 20.15 Finish - 22.30 (all timings provisional)

How long does it take to get from london Victoria to wembley?

About one hour.