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well yes if its only u in the pool No. Its really bad for the chemical balance of the water. Besides, its a pool not a bath tub!!!

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โˆ™ 2011-02-08 19:36:49
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Q: Can you take a bath in a swimming pool?
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How do i acid bath a pool?

how do i acid bath a swimming pool ?

What is a frigiderium in a Roman bath?

friiderium was the swimming pool in the roman bath

Can germs live in a public swimming pool?

yes, germs can live on a public swimming pool. why? because a public swimming pool is used by the public and people have germs on their body and when they get in the swimming pool, the germs on their body will be transfered to the water on the pool, and germs will spread in the water and people will also get germs. after having a swimming on a public swimming pool, you need to take an immediate bath so that germs will be killed.

What deck was the swimming pool on the Titanic?

Titanic's swimming pool was located next to the Turkish Bath on F deck.

Was titanic first to have the swimming pool on board?

No. RMS Adriatic (1907) was the first ship to have a swimming bath.

What are some similarities and differences of a roman bath and a swimming pool?


How does the great bath of indus valley differ from morden swiming pool?

The Great Bath is natural and does not have any chemicals in it and is safe to bathe in it. The swimming pool on the other had has a lot of chlorine and you cannot bathe in it but have to bathe after a swim. The modern day swimming pool is a derivative of the concept of the Great Bath. The Great bath showed a well water proofed tank.

Is it necessary to take bath before swimming?

If a person is fairly dirty (for example, covered in mud) then they should clean themselves off before swimming, as a courtesy to the pool maintainers. Dirt gets into the pool filters, so the less dirt in the water, the longer the filters are operational. Otherwise, that is why they get chlorinated. It is better to have the bath or shower after swimming, though.

Can bed bugs survive in a swimming pool if someone enters who found out they have them?

Yes, the only way to get rid of them is to take a mustard bath

What was the titanics first luxury item?

Swimming pool or maybe Turkish Bath

How much water does it take to fill up a swimming pool?

Swimming pool sizes differentiate. It all depends on the size of the pool.

Does the Dublin Skylon Hotel Drumcondra Road Dublin 9 have a swimming bath?

It is a 3 star hotel and would not have a swimming pool.

What was the first cruise ship with a swimming pool?

While not a cruise ship, RMS Adriatic (1907) was the first ship with a swimming bath.

Are a concentration camp and a ghetto the same?

nope, in the same way that a bath and a swimming pool are not the same

In the Olympics what is the name of a swimming pool event?

There are a few events that take place in the swimming pool at the Olympics * Swimming * Diving * Synchronised Swimming * Water Polo

Can one take steam bath after swimming?


What is the pitch in swimming?

a swimming pool a swimming pool

Did Czar Nicholas have an indoor swimming pool?

He had a 'swimming-pool' or 'Swimming bath' that he enjoyed in the Palace of Alexander and mentioned in his diaries. He even took Aleksey there. The palace of Catherine the Great did have an indoor bathing building and lakes to swim in.

Why you cannot take bath or go to swimming after eating?

why you cannot go to swim or bath after eating

Is bath road swimming pool Luton open on Sunday?

Yes, It is open every day of the week

Is is ok to bath with soap in a swimming pool?

No, becuase the soap can hurt the filter. I recommend using a hose by the pool and washing the soap off with the hose.

Where do you take the swimming pool samples from?

the aquatic centre

What is swimming pool in English?

'Swimming Pool', sometimes shortened to 'Pool'.

How many bathtubs does it take to fill a swimming pool?

It depends how big the pool and/or bathtub is.

Do you have to take earings out while swimming?

When swimming in a luxury pool, it is not as mandatory, however it is recommended in a more competitive pool. Less resistance the better.

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