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Q: Can you switch a Knight for a queen in chess?
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Can you jump a queen with a knight in chess?

Yes , the knight may jump over the queen just as it can any other chess piece - the knight may jump any chess piece .

How does a queen move in chess?

The queen can move like every piece in chess except the knight.

Can the queen of chess move like the horse in chess?

No. Only the knight can move in that pattern.

Can a queen move like a knight in an average game of chess?


Can you wipe out the king and queen at the same time with a knight in chess?

No , the Knight can , as any chess piece , only capture the square upon which it lands .

Can you win with a knight and a bishop in chess?

Having a bishop in Chess will not help you win. You can only win if you have a queen.

What are some of the chess pieces?

Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Pawn, King

What kind of chess pieces are there?

Pawn, Bishop, Rook, Knight, King and Queen.

In chess can a Queen move like the Knight?

No. -- -Check out my blog at! Be a member!

What are the equipments needed in chess?

King, Queen, Bishop, Rook, Knight, Pawn

What are names of chess pieces?

Knight, Bishop, King, Queen, Pawn and Rook

What are all of the pieces in chess?

Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, and the King.

Can a horse jump a queen in chess?

The proper name for the horse piece is the knight, and yes it can jump a queen.

Can the queen move like a knight in chess?

No it cannot! A queen can move like a rook does, and also like the bishop.

Is there an empress in chess?

No. There is no empress, just King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Pawn.

What are the six pieces in chess called?

King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, Pawn, Rook.

How strong is a queen chess piece?

The Queen is second only to the King in strength and power for she , with the exception of the Knight , can move like every chess piece since she incorporates the power of every chess-men's move .

What are all 6 chess pieces called?

The King, The Queen, Bishop, Pawn, Knight, and Rooks. =)

What pieces are in chess?

In Chess there are 6 different pieces used. King, Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop, and pawn. Each of the pieces except the King has a point value: Queen 9, Rook 5, Knight and Bishop 3, and pawn 1.

Can a queen be taken by a rook in chess?

When the opposing queen is vulnerable, it can be taken by any defender (pawn, rook, knight, bishop, etc)

Can the queen move like a horse?

The queen chess piece can move like any other piece, except the knight (horse).

How many points does a queen cost in chess?

Queen: 9 Rook: 5 Bishop: 3 Knight: 3 Pawn: 1

What is the function in knight in chess?

Essentially the Knight in chess will turn the flank of your opponent .

What a chess piece is called-?

Chess pieces as a whole are generally referred to as "pieces" or by there specific type King, Queen, Knight, Rook, Bishop, or Pawn.

Can the queen move the same way as the knight in chess?

No, it either moves along files and ranks or in diagonals.