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There is no law to prevent it, but it will depend on the school and the instructor. Some will not teach those that are criminals as they are not considered morally responsible to trust with the techniques of a martial art.

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Q: Can you study martial arts if you have a felony?
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Do Chuck Norris's sons study martial arts?

No they were born 13th degree black belts in all martial arts.

Did Jackie Chan study martial arts before he became an actor?

No, Jackie Chan did not study formal martial arts. He was studying in acting school and learned things there.

How do breakdancers apply martial arts in their breakdancing?

Then they study Capoira.

Why do Asian people study martial arts?

The same reason everyone else studies martial arts. To learn the skills necessary to fight in combat.

Is there a legend for martial arts?

There are many, many legends involving the martial arts. One is that the Asian Martial Arts originated with an Indian prince who came to study Buddha, and ended up creating Kung Fu and Zen.

What style of martial arts is considered to be the best?

The one that you will study consistantly. The effectiveness of a martial art is entirely dependant on the person and their dedication to the study of the art.

What martial arts best for fast twitch muscles?

Study the Jeet Kune Do

What did ancient Chinese study?

Astronomy. art, writing, martial arts, aesthetics.

What is the best self defense fighting style?

The Filipino martial arts are the most well-rounded of the martial arts. If I was going to study only 1 martial art, that is the one I would choose. Other martial arts may be more effective in specific situations, but the Filipino martial arts will prepare you well for ANY situation which you might encounter.

How do you say martial arts in Korean?

Martial Arts

Where do people learn martial arts?

At a martial arts school. Japanese martial arts are taught in a dojo.

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You will have to help her understand the benefits of the study of martial arts. There is also a cost factor involved that will have to be fully understood. You are going to have to demonstrate that you are going to stick to the study of a martial art, a few months is no good, it take several years.

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