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Yes, You can straddle the half court line moving towards the OFFENSIVE ZONE!!!!!!!! If you straddle going towards the opposite end you will be called for Over and Back.

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Q: Can you straddle the half court line moving towards the offensive zone?
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How do you drbble a basketball?

you push the basketball towards the ground and continue moving around the court.

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If the defensive team tips the ball away in the frontcourt but the offensive team tips it after that wo regaining possessionThen the offensive team recovers the ball in the backcourt. Who's ball?

There are several violations in basketball that are called back court violations:1) The offensive team has 8 seconds (NBA) or 10 seconds (college) to bring the ball from the back court to the front court after inbounding. If the offensive team cannot advance the ball from the back court to the front court in the time allotted, a back court violation is called.2) Once the offensive team brings the ball across the mid court line, they may not pass the ball to a teammate who is behind the mid court line. This is also commonly called an 'over and back violation'.3) Should an offensive player lose control of the ball in the front court, due to their own error, and the ball cross the mid court line back into the back court , the offensive team cannot regain possession of the ball without having a back court violation (over and back) called.

Moving the ball into the back court once it has been advanced to the front court is called what?

Backcourt Violation

What happens when you get a back court violation in basketball?

A back court violation when the offensive player with the ball steps behind the half court line after crossing it.

If the half-court line separates the court into two what is the name of each side?

if you are shootin to the right then the left is the defensive and the right offensive.

How to play half court basketball?

Full Court Press is a basketball term for a defensive style in which the defense applies man to man or zone defense to pressure the offensive team the entire length of the court before and after the inbound pass.Defenses not employing a full court press generally allow the offensive team to get halfway down the court (a half court press) or near the basket before applying strong defensive pressure.*Hope this helps*

In basketball which court is the half of the court that includes the other teams basket?

Half court is 47 feet away from the basket.

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What is moving down a basketball court while bouncing the ball called?

it is called dribbling

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