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In a cooler WITHOUT ice, or in any cool DRY place.

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Definitely i have like 200 in my garage and i live in Kansas now it's 9 degrees and there perfectly fine.

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store in around 72 degrees losers!

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Usually in cylinders or tubes

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Q: Can you store tennis balls in cold weather garage?
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No. You should store your china in moderate room temperatures. If you keep china in a chilly garage you risk cracks and breaks.

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What is the coldest temperature to store a tennis ball?

Although there is no preset or manufacture recommended temperature at which tennis balls may be stored, they should be stored at room temperatures of between 65 and 75 degrees, with 68 being the ideal, as that is the temperature mandated for testing tennis balls by the International Tennis Federation (the ruling body for tennis; refer to the ITF link, below).

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I have a mobility scooter in my dining room. Can I store it in the garage It is not heated.?

Yes, you can store it in your garage.

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