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Shoulder contact with the ball is allowed. A foul is called only when the ball touches the hand below the hand.

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Q: Can you stop the ball in soccer with your shoulder when you are not goalie?
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What does a goalie do in soccer?

The goalie stands in front of the net, and can use his hands to stop the ball from going into the net, all the goalie has to do is keep the ball out of the goal

What are the basic guidlines of soccer?

1.the goalie has to stop the ball from going into the goal. 2.

Where do you stand as goalie in soccer?

In the middle of the two metal poles. When the ball is being kicked, you can move around to stop the ball from getting in the net.

Can you hit a soccer ball with your fists and it is in your goalie box if you are goalie?

if you are a golie, you can stop the ball anyway you want, as long as it isn't passed to you by a team mate, in that case you must play the ball with your feet but if the ball is shot then yes you may use your hand fist arm leg foot or anything on your body to stop the ball, but if it goes past the line between the goal post it is concidered a goal.

What is the descripition of soccer?

Okay. There are three general positions in soccer: goalie, defense, and offense. Sometimes, there are extra positions: sweeper and midfield. The goalie is the only person who can use their hands. They stop the ball from going into their team's goal. Defense defends the goal. They are the closest position to the goalie. A couple feet up is the sweeper. Next comes the midfield. And finally, the offense. The goal is to get the soccer ball into the other team's goal using only you're feet.

What does a stopper do in soccer?

stop the ball

How do you stop a breakaway in soccer as a goalie?

You can either try and go to the player and kick the ball away or tackle, or stand your ground and take your chances in trying to save the shot.

2 sports skills used to play soccer?

running endurance and foot coordination if you are a field player if you are the goalie you need hand eye coordination to stop the ball

What force makes a soccer ball stop?

The force of friction stops the soccer ball

What is it called when you stop a soccer ball with your feet?

When you stop the ball with your feet you 'trap' the ball.

Does a goalie have too apply force when they stop a soccer ball?

To a certain degree, yes. If someone piledrivers a shot at you, you need to offer some resistance otherwise you will be taken into the net with it.

Who can use their feet arms and body to stop the ball in field hockey?

The Goalie

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