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No. Technically the game can end in a tie if no team scores in the extra 5 minute overtime period, but the current rules require a shootout to determine the winner of the game. Each team gets a point in the season standings for the tie at the end of regulation and the shootout team winner gets an extra point.

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Q: Can you still tie at the end of a regular season hockey game?
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Who did the Edmonton Oilers play in the first regular season outdoor hockey game?

Montreal Canadiens

What is average combined hockey score?

The average combined score of an NHL regular season game during the 2011-2012 regular season game was 5.32. In the same year, it was 4.837 for the playoffs.

How long does the ice hockey season last in Europe?

Do you know what category you are in or have you played too much hockey

How many game points are awarded in a regular hockey game?

In the NHL, two (2) points are awarded for a win, and one (1) point is awarded for an overtime or shoot-out loss, during regular season play.

How long does an ice hockey game last?

Same as a regular season game so 20 minutes for warm ups 20 for inbetween periods and 20 minute periods so about 140 minutes.

How long does a hockey puck get used during a hockey game?

there are 30 teams each playing 82 games a season. if each game uses an average of 5 pucks a game it's about 12,300. 5 pucks a game is kinda low tho. so probably quite abit more than that. this is obviously just for the regular season.

How manyperiods in an olympic hockey game?

three just like regular hockey. there is also an overtime and shootout if needed

What date was the Pittsburgh Steelers first regular season game in 2011?

In 2011, the Steelers first regular season game was on September 11th.

What is the last hockey game in the season called?

the last game is called the "final" this is for the Stanley Cup

What is the longest regulars season winning streak in college football at the present time?

The University of Alabama has a 24 game regular season winning streak. Florida has a twenty game regular season winning streak and overall a twenty two game winning streak with one regular season game left.

What season did the NFL go to 16 game regular season?


Is there an ice hockey game on in Vancouver end of April 2016?

The last home game of the Canucks' regular season is on Saturday, April 9, 2016 against the Edmonton Oilers. If the Canucks qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs, there will be more games in April as part of their post-season.