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I don't think that it's allowed.

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Q: Can you skateboard in Walmart
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Is walmart skateboard wheels better than the mall skateboard wheels?


What is a bad skateboard deck brand?


How much money is a skateboard from Walmart?

Do not buy a skateboard from Walmart. They are very poor quaility, and if you are good at skating the board will break the first day you use it.

Can go faster skateboard or ripstick?

depends on the type if its a walmart board then its ripstick a real board then skateboard

Can you buy a warp skateboard at Walmart?


Can you be a pro skateboarder with a walmart skateboard?

it doesn't matter on wha t skateboard it is it matters on the tricks and skills that you do. and if your a pro skater or sponserd you will phashow be on something better than walmart LOL

Is tapout a good skateboard?

no its a walmart board buy a girl of popwar

What is a good place to buy a skateboard?

As of 2014 there are several good places to buy a skateboard. Retail locations include Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Sports Authority.

Is Airspeed a skateboard company?

No they are just a mock up of other brands. They are just a walmart brand.

Where can you get a cheap cruiser skateboard?

walmart is a good place to buy a cruiser board but their fake boards

Does a skateboard from target work the same as a regular skateboard?

Unfortionatly, no. Skateboards that are bought from target, walmart, kmart, and other stores of that nature, lack the concave, the bearings, good griptape, and thin wood that a professional skateboard have. these are very essential.

How much is a Monster High skateboard?

Approximately $27 avail at Walmart, Toys r Us, etc.

What is the cheapest skateboard?

I saw the other day at Walmart you can buy a basic bad quality deck for $10.

How much does the Tony Hawk skateboard cost?

You can usually get them online or at your local Walmart for around $35 USD.

If you buy a mongoose skateboard from walmart isit real?

yes but soak your bearings in motor ol for 10 min

How long does it take to skateboard 1 mile?

It depends on your setup, but with a cheap setup (which come with most cheap skateboards at walmart) you can get 1 mile in about 5-10 minutes if you know how to skateboard already.

Where can one purchase the skateboard complete video game?

There are many places that a person could purchase a skateboard complete video game. Some more popular sites are Gamestop, Amazon, Walmart and Target.

Where can you buy skateboards?

You can find a skateboard at your local skate shop. Walmart but not recommended they are cheap and i guess you get what you pay for. If there is not a local shop i would try it is a trusted online skate shop you can order a skateboard there.

How long does a skateboard last?

The answer to this question depends on a multifarious variety of factors; such as, what kind of skateboard -walmart or pro-, how often and how hard it is skated, what kind of tyhings are skated, whether it is left in a hot car or out in the rain. On average, I would say a skateboard lasts about three feet long.

Is walmart skateboard wheels better than name brand skateboard wheels?

No, walmart wheels are ususally made of plastic and/or any cheap form of rubber while name brand wheels have better urethane formulas and have better shape to them. walmart cannot afford urethane wheels or sometimes metal trucks so they fail on you right out the box or umm the wrapper LMAO

What kind of skateboard can you buy with 25 dollars?

You can buy a cheap fake plastic skateboard, the one's they sell at walmart! a real skateboard would cost about 85.00 to 100.00 dollars now the cheapest a real skateboard would cost is about 57.00 dollars but it probably wouldn't have raw features that you would probably want butif your really desperat i would say about 57.00 dollars for a low price real skateboard.

What go faster a big skateboard or a small skateboard?

It's not actually the size of the skateboard that matter's, its the ball bearings the wheels have inside them. Cheap bearings that come with cheap walmart/warehouse boards almost always go slowly, were as proper bearings from your local skate shop will go a lot faster.

What to put in a skateboard backpack?

A skateboard.

How is a skateboard deck made?

it is made by hand with a wood saw and fieler i think but the walmart and target toys are us thay just cut a peace of wood

How much does a skateboard cost at walmart?

10-50 American dollars, I don't recommend getting one sense they are poorly made, and they are made with cheap material.