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no you stupid freaking idiot

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Q: Can you shrink or shorten a phiten necklace without affecting the look?
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How do you wear a phiten necklace?

You wear a phiten necklace by unhooking it and putting it around your neck. Then you close the ends and you are wearing it.

What string is on an energy necklace?


Where can you get a phiten necklace? or

Can you buy custom made Phiten Necklace?


What type of necklace does Alex Rodriguez wear?

a phiten

What necklace does Dustin pedroia wear?

The brand of neckalce is called phiten. i am almost almost positive it is a tornado. the necklace runs roughly 47 dollars and can be found on phiten's website,

What is a phiten necklace?

its a stylish neckalce you wear and it restores and gives you energy

Can you get a phiten necklace wet?

NO, just hand wash, machine washing warps it

How do you wash a phiten necklace?

Alright I know this sounds weird, but it works!! You need to take a little soap and some warm water... Okay here's the weird part, you need to take pickle juice and mix it with the soap, and then add one drop of bleach. And Poof all stains gone i promise! Once on accident i left my phiten in my pocket and it went through the washer and it was good as new!

What is the large rope like necklace's MLB pitchers wear?

They are probably phiten tornados.

How can you clean a white phiten necklace Mine has stains all over it and it looks really bad since it's white.?

A person can clean their white Phiten necklace by running it under warm water. A person can then use a mild detergent to wash away any of the tough stains.

What is the best phiten necklace?

The x30 series are supposedly better because they have 30 times more concentrate. I suggest buying which ever one you like the best.