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1) Multiply the total number of earned runs by the number of innings in a full game (most fastpitch leagues play 7 inning games but some youth leagues play 6 inning games).

2) Divide the total number of innings pitched into the number derived from 1) above and round to the second decimal place.

Using 17 innings pitched and 4 earned runs ...

For games that are 7 innings in length, the ERA would be 1.65 (4 times 7 equal 28 and 28 divided by 17 equal 1.647 which is rounded to 1.65).

For games that are 6 innings in length, the ERA would be 1.41 (4 times 6 equal 24 and 24 divided by 17 equal 1.411 which is rounded to 1.41).

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Q: Can you show how to calculate earned run average in girls fast pitch softball if your daughter has pitched 17 innings and allowed 4 earned runs what would her ERA be?
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