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No, Legal Copyright and all that. ;(

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Q: Can you sell season tickets rights for Denver Broncos to a friend?
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Do season ticket holders get rights to the Super Bowl?

Yes, they get first pick to nuy world series tickets for the team they have season tickets for.

Where do nba players money come from?

- mostly sponsors - also tickets sold to watch the game - tv/radio rights - ...

If a friend allows you to sub-let what are your rights?

i need Nelly number

Do season ticket holders get rights to away playoff games?

No they do not because the season ticket holders of the home team gets tickets and the other seats are just for sale. In the Super Bowl the away team's season ticket holders may get right to tickets, if they purchased their teams home playoff game tickets, if they had any home games, they will be entered in a lottery. Each team in the Super Bowl gets 17.5% of the tickets. If you win the lottery for the tickets through your season tickets, you get half the seats you have for your season tickets, I believe, so if you have 4 season tickets and you win the lottery, you get 2 Super Bowl tickets.

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Not without permission of the father.

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No, only guardianship.