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Check your local licensing laws just to make sure.

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Q: Can you sell hard liquor on golf course?
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What is a 3 way liquor license?

It is a license that allows the business to sell Beer, Wine and Hard Liquor.

Can an Ohio State Liquor Store sell alcohol to someone with an out-of-state license?

Of course.

What restrictions are there for selling vodka?

One must have a liquor license to sell hard liqour

What does a liquor store sell?

A liquor store is a shop that sells packaged alcoholic beverages, which is typically sold in bottles. These beverages can include wine, beer, hard liquor, mixed drinks, etc.

Legal age to sell liquor in Texas?

18 is the legal age to sell but 21 to buy it in order to sell it you have to go and take a tabc course and get your certificate to be legal

Does Tennessee or Illinois sell liquor on Sunday?

Illinois does sell liquor on Sundays.

What stores sell golf cart lift kits?

Golf cart lift kits can be bought in online stores such as Amazon. They can also be found on eBay. In the physical world, the shop at your local golf course may well sell golf lift kits.

Do they sell quarts of liquor?

Liquor is sold by the quart. They can't sell it, though, if they don't have a permit.

Can you sell jack Daniel collectible unopened bottles of whiskey on eBay?

No. eBay doesn't permit the sale of hard liquor.

What are the regulations surrounding liquor stores in Utah?

The Utah stores are allowed to sell liquor. However, they are not allowed to promote the sale of liquor or sell to minors.

Tennessee liquor laws?

A liquor store can sell only liquor and wine, and it cannot sell beer nor any other product....not even a corkscrew!

Do you need a liquor Licence to sell liquor at a public party?