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yea just go to to YouTube and type wrestlers when they were kids-undertaker and Kane

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:13:04
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Q: Can you see a video of the undertaker and Kane were kids?
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Is there an interview were Kane was asked what undertaker felt about the situation that Kane was picked for see no evil and not taker?


Is masked Kane still the real Kane?

Yes it is. People were saying it was Undertaker. Don't see how it could be, seeing as how Undertaker has visible tattoos on his arms.

Will undertaker offer a match to Kane at wrestlemania xxvii?

I hope so because i wanna see undertaker beat the hell out of Kane and I want hime in wwe again.

Can you see any pictures of undertaker and kane's childhood?

Go to

Who is the better wrestler Undertaker or Kane?

Well is should say that undertaker is better because he has done more in his cereer. Don't get me wrong Kane is a legendery superstar. But think about it The times when i see Kane dominent is when he was masked what was for about 6 years since then he started to lose hid dominance. as for the undertaker since his debut at survivor series 1990 he was dominent he is also a great athlete for a person who is 45 years old he can jump over the top ropes. so im not saying Kane is not legendary im just saying undertaker is way more legendary than Kane. look up the past matches with undertaker and Kane undertaker beat Kane 6 times Kane only three and Kane needed help for two of them

Was masked Kane drew hankinson?

kinda drew hankinson played masked Kane when he fought ther unmaked Kane as hype 4 see no evil he did also play the fake undertaker in th 90s Drew did not play the fake undertaker in the 90s that was Brian Lee

Will undertaker vs Kane at WrestleMania xxvii?

Possibly, World Wrestling Entertainment might conduct a wrestling match between the living legend The Undertaker and his dark side younger brother Kane at WrestleMania XXVII. As we already know, The Undertaker defeated Kane twice in WrestleMania main events. In other words, The Undertaker defeated Kane at WrestleMania XIV and also at WrestleMania XX to protect his undefeated Streak at WrestleMania. This Year, The Undertaker surely offers a match to Kane at WrestleMania XXVII. Kane defeated The Undertaker in Hell In a Cell match at Hell In a Cell 2010 pay per view. Similarly, Kane also defeated his brother The Undertaker in Buried Alive Match at Bragging Rights 2010 pay per view. However, the death will raise to send Kane to rest in peace. This match might be taken place at grand stage WrestleMania XXVII. However there is no guarantee about this match. We wish to see Kane Vs Undertaker at WrestleMania 27.

Udertaker and Kane when they are kids photos?

they are not brothers but u can see it on youtube

Who attacked the undertaker 2010?

there are different rumours going around of who attacked him people say rey mysterio but he is to small where as i believe it was Kane. remember Kane's mask made him different i believe masked Kane came back and we will see Kane v Kane at summerslam

Who is your favorite wwe superstar and which of his biggest moments did you like best?

I am Matthew Muckerheide. I am 10 years old. My favorite WWE superstar is The Undertaker. One of my favorite moments with him in it is when Kane is saying all of these not true things about The Undertaker then the Undertaker appears up on the roof of the Smackdown stadium. Then The Undertaker turns all of the lights off when nobody saw it coming. Then he started his theme song. Kane could not see him and neither could his dad. Then all of a sudden The Undertaker kicks down Kane and starts beating him up. By the way The Undertaker is Kane's oldest brother and only brother. I am also the oldest child in my family. So we have something in common.

Is Kane and the undertaker brothers?

Actually yes they are. If you watch WWE then you will clearly see that Big Show and Jericho are taking The UnderTaker down, but all of a sudden Kane The Undertakers brother comes and kicks Big Show's and Jericho's asses. The commenter will say Kane is Undertakers BROTHER and they will go head to head the brothers of destruction will face Big Show and Jericho. So it will be Kane & Undertaker brothers of destruction VS Big Show and Jericho. By Hadi

Can you get a video of the match of Undertaker versus Kane in an inferno match?

Yes. You can either see the Inferno match on the tape of Unforgiven:In Your House 1998 (There is a picture of Taker on the cover, you can't miss it). This tape is still available for rental at most video rental places (i.e. Blockbuster, Hollywood, etc). Or, the match can be seen in it's entirety on the recently released dvd Tombstone:The History of The Undertaker.

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