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Q: Can you scuba dive with a pure oxygen tank?
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What do the numbers mean on a scuba tank?

The numbers on a scuba tank reveal 3 things. Serial no. of the tank. Type metal. and the current hydro date.

Is the oxygen and nitrogen in a scuba tank considered a heterogeneous?

I would think so, because there are two of them mixed together. Air in a scuba tank or anywhere else should be heterogeneous. A scuba tank filled with either oxygen or nitrogen would be homogeneous.

Should you dive with a belly button ring?

Well... It depends on what you mean by dive... do you mean dive of a board or dive with a scuba tank. eather way as long as its not Fresh fresh you will be fine

Mixture of gases for scuba diving tanks compared to normal atmospheric air?

Most SCUBA divers dive with compressed air, which is normal atmospheric air compressed into a scuba tank.

Is the oxygen and helium in a scuba tank an example of a homogeneous mixture?

yes, it is.

Why scuba diver wear oxygen tank?

so they can breath underwater

Is the oxygen and helium in a scuba tank a pure substance?

No it is not,. They use a membrane system to produce and mix the air before that they used to partial fill and and roll the tanks on the floor to get them to blend.

What do marine biologists wear underwater?

They probably wear scuba gear,flippers,a whole suit,and an oxygen tank.

How much does scuba gear weigh?

Different scuba gear types weigh different amounts. The oxygen tank is the heavy part of the scuba diving gear.

How do you ship a scuba cylinder internationally?

It would need to be empty, have the valve open, and it needs to have the cover off. It isn't good for your tank, so you might as well just rent a tank at the dive shop there, if that was what you were thinking. It is expensive to ship a scuba tank as well.

Can you scuba dive in Mexico without a license?

Theoretically if you had your own gear, including tank of air, you can dive anywhere that's got water but it's not recommended unless you know the dive site. If you don't have a licence, a dive centre should not allow you to dive. They can take you out on a "discover scuba diving" dive. This will be to a maximum of 12m. If you are qualified but have forgotten or lost your cert card, they can look you up on the pro website. If not qualified with at least PADI scuba diver cert, no one should let you dive. If they do, I would think twice about the dive operation you are using.

What is the best way to keep water out of a scuba tank?

The best way to be sure that water does not enter your scuba dive tank when diving, is to never allow it to be completely be emptied of air pressure. Always plan to leave at least 1-2Mpa (10-20 bars) left in them to ensure that moisture does not enter. If for some reason, the scuba dive tank pressure should be completely exhausted, it is important to immediately close the valve to keep moisture out. When bleeding the air from your scuba tank, be sure to bleed the air slowly, as quick bleeding may cause internal condensation.