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A two point conversion (and indeed a kick conversion) is blown dead when the 'failure is obvious' - including if the defence gets the ball on a interception or a fumble

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Q: Can you return a fumble on a two point conversion in nfl?
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Can you return a interception for a score on a two point conversion in the NFL?

No, you can't. An interception or a (rare case) fumble ends the play. Followed by kickoff.

How can the defense score on a 2 point conversion in the NFL?

Fumble recovery for TD or interception for TD

Can a interception be return for a towndown in a NFL 2 point conversion?

(NFL)Play is Dead after interception of conversion. NCAA you can return it for 2 points.

Has there ever been an NFL or college football game where a team only scored 1 point?

Although it is not possible to score only one point in an NFL game in college football it is possible to score only one point. It has never happened, but it would involve a return by the defense on a extra point attempt. If the defense made a return on a blocked kick, fumble, or interception (all dead plays in the NFL on an extra point conversion), fumbled the ball before scoring at the other end, and the offensive conversion team recovered it then went back into the end zone and was tackled, it would a one point safety for the defense.

What is the longest fumble return in NFL history?

As of the 2007 season, the longest fumble return in NFL history is 104 yards and was done by Jack Tatum of the Oakland Raiders in 1972 and Aeneas Williams of the Arizona Cardinals in 2000.

When was the 2 point conversion adopted in the NFL?

The NFL adopted the 2 point conversion in 1994.

What year was the 2 point conversion introduced into NFL football?

The NFL adopted the 2 point conversion in 1994.

Can you intercept a pass on a two point conversion?

Yes. In the NFL the play is over if you intercept it. In college football, you can return it the other way for two points.

Did Andre Collins ever return a failed PAT for a one-point conversion?

When Andre Collins played in the NFL, there was no such thing as a PAT return... PATs were, and still are considered a dead ball if there is a change of possession.

In the NFL can you fumble a play due to a hamstring injury?

Yes, a fumble is a fumble, the cause doesn't matter.

Can the defense score on a two point conversion attempt?

Not in the NFL. Once the offense loses control of the ball -- with an incomplete pass, interception, or tackle -- the play is dead. In college and Canadian football, however, the defense can return the ball and score a 2-point defensive conversion.

Is the 2 point conversion still in the NFL?

yes it is.

When did the 2 point conversion start in the nfl?


In football when do you go for a two-point conversion based on the score?

Click on the Related Links below for the NFL 2 point conversion chart.

When can a team attempt a two point conversion in the NFL?

After a touchdown

When was the first 2 point conversion used in the NFL?

I belive it was 1992 and the NFL adopted it from the USFL of the 80s.

What scoring option was added to the NFL in 1994?

2 point conversion

Who scored the first 2 point conversion in the NFL?


How many points are earned in football when the defense returns an extra point for a touchdown?

In High School, the minute a try is kicked, it is dead, regardless if the kick succeeds, misses, or is blocked behind the line. If there is a fumble on a two point conversion and the defense takes possession, the ball is dead and the try has failed. In the NCAA/NFL, if a PAT is blocked behind the line and possessed, or a two point conversion is turned over (interception or fumbled) and returned into the end zone it adds two points to the defense's score.

What five NFL players have scored the most career defensive touchdowns?

Through Week 9 of the 2010 season ... 13 defensive TDs - Darren Sharper (11 INT returns and 2 fumble returns) and Rod Woodson (12 INT returns and 1 fumble return). 12 defensive TDs - Aeneas Williams (9 INT returns and 3 fumble returns). 11 defensive TDs - Ronde Barber (7 INT returns and 4 fumble returns) and Charles Woodson (10 INT returns and 1 fumble return).

Did the 1985 Chicago Bears ever use the two point conversion?

No. The two-point conversion play was disallowed when the AFL merged into the NFL and was not resurrected until 1994.

How many touchdowns did Brian Urlacher make?

Through the 2010 season, Brian Urlacher has scored 3 TDs in the NFL ... one on a fumble return, one on an interception return, and one on a pass reception on a fake field goal.

If in the NFL a player tries to fumble backwards but somehow it goes forward is it an illegal forward fumble?

A fumble is a fumble, no matter what direction it goes in, but a player cannot advance the ball forward through the air once they have passed the line of scrimmage.

When can a team attempt a two point conversion in NFL?

If they are losing by two and the game is about to be over

Has a nfl team ever gone a season without a fumble?


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