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No, if you break the handle on a cricket bat it is not worth replacing.

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Q: Can you replace a cricket bat handle if you snap it?
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Academy cricket bat?

Basically its a Short handle bat

What is a splice on a cricket bat?

top section of the bat... where the handle joins the bat

How is a cricket bat different hockey stick?

A cricket bat and a hockey stick varies in shape. A cricket bat has a short handle and a long flat head. A hockey stick has a long handle and a curves short head.

What does SH on cricket bat handle mean?


What does H on a cricket bat handle mean?

Harrow Its a measurement for the bat length/handle length - SH= Short Handle LH=Long Handle

What does SH on a cricket bat handle mean?

Small Harrow It's the size of the bat

How tall is a short handle cricket bat?

A short handle cricket bat is 33 1/2 inches or 85.09 cm in height. (bottom of the bat to top of handle) The width is 4 1/4 inches or 10.795 cm

What do the lines on a cricket bat handle mean?

the lines on the cricket bat handle shows what level of ball it can play with. say for it has one line that means the bat is to play with a soft ball if it has two it can play with a tennis ball and three means it can play with a real cricket ball

How do you pick up a cricket bat?

Pick it up by the handle using your hand.

What is handle length of cricket bat?

About 8 - 12 inches depending on the make

Can you replace a handle on a cricket bat if you feel you need a longer handle?

no you can't but you could try sticking pieces of would on the end with wood glue and then get a bigger grip so it covered the mess

What does rubber in cricket mean?

Rubber casings are used on the handle of the bat; so 'rubber in cricket' means how the bowler holds the ball and how the batsman holds the bat.

What is handle the ball in cricket?

It is when the batsmans hand, which is away from the bat, touches the ball on purpose.

Is the mongoose cricket bat to be banned I heard the MCC is reconsidering it's rules on bat handles anyone know?

It's not true, the bat handle must be made of wood. Which the Mongoose bat is. The only difference is the join of the blade and handle is now in the handle itself.

What wood is the cricket bat made of?

The bat is made of two different pieces attached together blade of the bat is made with willow wood and the handle of the bat is made of cane.

Is a Krakatoa cricket bat better than a buffalo cricket bat?

a Krakatoa cricket bat is the best childrens cricket bat of all time

How big is 15 in cricket bat size?

Harrow or Small Handle, this depends on the height of the person.

What are the dimensions of a cricket bat?

Generally speaking, the dimensions of a standard cricket bat are as follows: 33 - 33.5" total length 11" handle length 22" batting part 4.5" width I'm not 100% sure about the thickness, but I THINK its about 1". length of the cricket bat - 96.6 c.m length of the cricket bat - 96.6 c.m

In cricket what is the space between the crease and stumps?

1 bat +1 handle long (Desi way)

You are 5foot 7inches What size cricket bat handle would you need Small medium or large?

It doesn't matter what size bat handle you have just get the right size bat then try the different handles and then pick the one that feels right.

What are the Uses of cricket bat?

the use of a cricket bat is to hit the ball whilst your playing cricket

Cricket bat made in which wood?

Cricket Bat is mostly made out of Willow Wood

Is kookaburra a nice cricket bat?

yes it is a very nice bat for cricket...

Why do you nock in a cricket bat?

we do knock a cricket bat because it is knocked ...:P

What is the hieght of cricket bat?

Approximately 3.5 feet is the height of the cricket bat.