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Yes, you can.

its a little tricky but it can be done, the issue is you need liquid co2 in your paintball tank and if you just open up that co2 tank only gas will come out, so what you need to do is invert the tank before filling to make sure you get the liquid out of the soda co2 tank

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Q: Can you refill a paintball tank from CO2 used for soda machine?
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How do you refill a 3.2oz CO2 tank for a paintball gun?

If it has threads on the top, you refill it like any other tank by taking it to a sporting goods store or paintball field. If it does not, then it is a disposable, and you cannot refill it.

How do you refill a co2 tank for a paintball gun?

Go to a paintball store and pay for them to fill it.

How do you refill a paintball gun with Co2?

if you're asking how to refill the tank you take it to a local paintball shop or sporting goods store, they can fill them

What store can you refill a co2 tank for a paintball gun in Vancouver Wa?

Dicks, any paintball shop, and Gander Mt.

How do you refill a compressed air paintball tank?

To refill a paintball tank, you must first go to a paintball field or store with a paintball air compressor. You can't refill them with just any home depot compressor, it takes serious pressure to fill these tanks. Find the fill station with the same pressure as your tank (3000, 4500 or 5000 psi) and hook up the fill hose to the fill nipple on the side of the tank while it is attached to your gun. Then press the lever or button in until the gauge on your tank or on the filler is at the correct pressure and release. Then unhook the fill hose.

Is HPA air tank rechargeable?

Yes! The purpose of an Air tank is so that you can refill it. Almost any Paintball Field or store can fill your tank.

Where can i refill my CO2 tank?

At most sports stores, paintball fields and some gas stores.

Do you ever need to reload co2 gas in paintball?

Yes, every few games, you will have to refill the tank, depending on the size. Without it, there is nothing to propel the paintball.

Were can you refill a paintball CO2 tank?

At most Sporting goods, gun, and paintball fields. Some Gas (not just gasoline, but Ike propane) places you can fill your CO2.

When you get your own paintball gun how do you handle your hpa tank and what if it runs out of air how do you refill it?

if your tank runs out take it to your locale paintball field thay should fill it up for you for a small fee exp=5$ unlimated air for the day at my field.

Tippmann us alpha black tactical paintball marker could you use a nitrogen tank on it and were can you get it refilled?

you cant use it or refill it

Can you fill a paintball HPA tank with an air compressor?

Only if it can produce 3000 or 4500 PSI . Take it to a paintball store and normally they give you a fill for a dollar or so. If you are playing and you need to refill, go to the refill station, attach the fill hose to the air nipple while the tank is on the gun, press the lever or button until it is filled at the correct pressure.

What can you use to refill a HPA paintball tank?

Some people have used scooba tanks but this it is strongly recommended that you don't. Play it safe, and only use fill stations at your local paintball shop and/or field.

How do you refill CO2 tanks?

Most likely you will have to go to a paintball store or field to get it filled. Otherwise, screw in the top of the tank into the filler. Chill the CO2 tank and turn on the large tank to fill. Weigh to desiered weight.

Can you refill a paintball compressed air tank with nitrogen?

High pressure air, and all air for that matter, is about 78 percent nitrogen, so it is nicknamed a "nitrogen tank" . So a HPA tank is supposed to be filled with "nitrogen" which is really just air.

Can a bigger co2 canister make a paintball fly faster then a smaller one?

No, the FPS will stay the same. The size of the tank determines how many shots you can take before you have to refill it.

What propels a paintball?

A compressed C02 tank or High Pressure Air tank propels the paintball.

What do you need to fill a HPA paintball tank at home provided you have a 4500psi air compressor?

All you need is a hose that connects to the tank and a valve to regulate it. However a 4500 psi compressor is much, much more expensive than either getting the tank filled by itself, or buying a scuba tank to refill from.

My paintball gun won't take the pressure from my co2 when i shoot the air doesn't go through the barrel and the ball rolls out how do you fix it?

It sounds like your tank is empty. You should go get refill it.

Where can you go to have a paintball guns 3000 psi tank refilled?

your local paintball field. Or you can purchase a scuba tank and adapter to fill the paintball tank with and every once in a while fill the scuba tank up if you live like out in the middle of nowhere

Where do remote coils for paintball guns attach to on the paintball gun?

Where the air tank or co2 tank normally attaches

Does sporting goods refill paintball tanks?

if its a CO2 tank then typically yes, however they usually charge more and will not fill your tank correctly. I have heard of people coming out of sporting goods stores with only a half full tank because the people filling dont really know what they are doing

How can you fix the pin valve in a ninja paintball tank?

Take it to an airsmith or paintball tech.

Would a paintball field fill your hpa tank for free if they had the right machine?

if you paid for field fee then they should, if you are just looking to get it filled then no, the compressors required to fill your tank are VERY expensive and require regular maintenance

Can you fill a paintball tank with any compressor?

No! You can only use one with the same output pressure as the tank. Only the Large Compressors at paintball fields can do this