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Golf cart mechanic is rare job and difficult to find such mechanic. It is always better to learn the basic mechanism of golf cart and understand how to repair and clean the golf cart.

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Q: Can you recommend a good mechanic for golf carts?
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How much are golfcarts?

Used golf carts are usually 2000 or more but there are very good used golf carts. pimped out golf carts are usually between 7000 to 8000

Is Craigslist a good place to find cheap used golf carts?

Craigslist is a good place to find lots of things, including used golf carts. Just keep on the lookout and eventually you will find what your are looking for.

Where can I buy golf carts online?

You can start by searching on Ebay and on Craigslist for used and new golf carts. Auction sites like the ones mentioned are a good place to start because you can search for carts available in your general area. Some more golf specific sites that offer carts to purchase are,, and

Where can I go to get a good price on golf carts?

Prices can vary on golf carts depending on whether they are gasoline or electric powered. Most start at around $3000 for a new one and go up from there.

Which golf carts have the best running engine?

Club Car makes the best golf carts in general. Yamaha also makes an excellent golf cart with a good engine. However, it is also important to make a decision between an electric and a gas engine.

What is the advantage of an electric golf cart vs. one that is gas-powered?

Electric golf carts are quieter than the gas powered carts. They also put out less pollutants into the air. They do not move as fast, which is good in areas where there are many pedestrians and safety is a top issue.

What are some good accessories for club cars?

Club cars are known for the golf carts as well as small gasoline powered vehicles which security guards use to drive around the car parks in hotels. Accessories for club cars found on Nicks Golf Carts and Radical Golf Carts are weather enclosure protection, rear seats, battery watering system, cooling box, golf club cleaner and under seat storage to name a few.

What type of batteries are needed for golf carts ?

Golf carts run a 6 volt battery. The term "golf-cart" bettery refers to a size like GC-2or T-105 and does not tell you if it is a deep-cycle battery or not (like the type used for alternative energy applications). You don't have to have deep-cycle battery to run a golf cart, it's just a good idea. The expensive golf-cart batteries (like Trojan) are true deep-cycle baterries.

Where can someone buy a Harley golf cart for cheap?

You can find affordable and cheap Harley Golf carts on eBay. You an also try searching Craig's List for finding a good deal on the golf cart as well. This way you can find one in your local area easily.

Who makes good intermediate level ladies golf club sets?

I would recommend Cobra - a branch of Titleist.

How do you take the governor off a golf cart?

The speed limiter is on there for a very good reason. Golf Carts are very unstable and easily turned over. For that reason and for the longitivity of the engine, the speed must be limited. Hopefully no one will give you this information.

Where can one get truck repairs?

Truck repairs are generally done at a Auto Body Shop by an experienced mechanic. It is usually good to know the mechanic well or have friends or family recommend someone they have used and trust.

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