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No , the rules of Chess do not allow for placing one's king in check ~ look to the related link below to the rules regarding check .

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Q: Can you put your own king in check in chess?
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Can a king kill a pawn in chess?

Absolutely, as long as it does not put the king in check.

Can you put a king in checkmate when your king is in check?

In chess, when your king is in check, you need to immediately take it out of check. You can only put the other king in checkmate if it involves taking your king out of check.

Can you put the chess king in check mate?

No, you cannot move your king into a position where it is in checkmate.

What are the names of the ties in a chess game?

A tied game of chess is called a Stalemate, this happens when all a player's moves would put his King into check, but the King is not actually in check at that moment.

What chess piece can put a king in check?

Any opponent piece, except the opponent king.

Can you play chess with out your king?

Chess cannot be played without a King since the purpose of the game is to put your opponent's King in a threatened situation (in check) from which there is no legal move, i.e. a move which would still leave the King in check.

What is goal of chess game?

The goal of chess is to capture your opponent's King .The goal of a chess game is to put the opponent king in Check Mate.

Which pieces can check in chess?

Any piece can put a King in check, except another King. To put another King into check would mean the King is putting itself in check so that would be an illegal move. But a King can contribute to a checkmate, an opposing King could not move next to it because that would put itself into check.

In chess if you are in check can you put your opponents king in check?

No , if your king is in check you can not counter with placing your opponent's king in check - you must respond to the move on your next turn by dealing with your king in check by moving the king out of check , removing the attacking piece by capture or by blocking the checking piece or you will need to concede / resign from the game . Look to the related link below regarding the rules of chess .

In chess can you accidentally put yourself in checkmate?

No because you cannot move into or move a piece that places your king in check.

Can a player in chess put themself in checkmate by move a piece that in front of king exposing his king to other players piece?

The rules of chess does not allow exposing your king to check at any time - regardless of circumstance .

Can you take a checked chess peace?

In normal chess rules, the only piece that can be "checked" ... put in check ... is the opposing King. Technically, the King is never actually "taken", but rather put in checkmate; a state in which it is in check and no legal move to get it out of check exists. The game ends at this point, so there's little point in actually "taking" the King.

Can a pawn capture a King in the game of chess?

Technically, the king is never actually "captured" in chess. That said, a pawn can certainly be used to put a king in "check", though unless the pawn is protected by some other piece the king can simply capture the pawn on its next move.

If you leave your king open in chess can the other person can jump or steal it?

Steal? No, the king is the only piece you can not have "taken" or "killed" or "stolen" in chess. If the king is in a position where he can be taken then you are in "check" , you have to then move out of danger (out of "check" ). You are not allowed to stay in check. Your next move after someone puts you in check MUST be to move your king out of check or place another piece in the way. The point of the game is for your opponent to put your king in a position where any move the king makes (in all 8 directions ) puts your king into a position of "check", then it is called "Checkmate" and you lose.

What is stalemate situation in chess?

A stalemate occurs when your opponent's king is in such a position where it is not actually in check, but the only legal move left to your opponent is one where the king puts itself in check. This situation commonly occurs when your opponent has nothing but the king left or nothing but the king and pawns, which are blocked. The only piece that can make a move to another square is the king, but if that move puts his own king in check, it is a stalemate. Think of a stalemate in terms of what a checkmate is. Checkmate is when you put the other player's king in check in such a way that there is no legal move the opponent can make to get out of check. Stalemate is when you put the other king in a non-check position, but it cannot move anywhere without placing itself in check. This is usually a very frustrating mistake and often happens just as you are about to checkmate the king, but overlook the stalemate possibility by losing sight of all your own pieces.

Can the queen kill the king in chess?

Yes, any piece on the chess board can either: # Checkmate the king or # Put it in check. However, the queen actually ends up being one of the deciding pieces in the endgame. With it, a player can dominate the board.

Can you put your apponent' s king in check with your own king?

No , the move is an illegal one because the King cannot move into check .

In chess Do you have to be put in check before you r put in checkmate?

no,check means that the king is in danger of being captured but may evade it in some waycheckmate means that the game is over because the king has no way to escape capture

Do you win if youre openent only has a king in chess?

No. The king must still be put in check mate. This is impossible with some combinations of pieces, so the match will be a draw. The match will also be a draw if the king is accidently put into stale mate.

How many checks do you have to make to kill a king?

You don't take/kill a king in chess. You have to put it into checkmate, ie, there are no moves the opponent can make with any piece, to take the king out of check. When this happens, the game is over.

Can a king attack the opponents king in chess?

No - If you moved close enough to do so you would be putting your king in check and you are not allowed to move your king into check. Another Answer: You may not make any move with the King (or any other piece for that matter) that will put it in jeopardy, there fore the answer is no.

In chess what happens if both players are in check?

This is impossible. There is no way, following the normal rules of chess, that this could occur. The reason is that as soon as one moves and puts the opponents King in check, the checked player must remove himself from check on his move. You also cannot make a move that would put yourself into check, remember.

Can kings in chess put other kings in check if the other king is two spaces away?

No The rules state that one may never place his own King in check. Because a King can only move one square, it must be adjacent to a piece in order to attack it. But the act of moving your King adjacent to your opponent's King would be putting it in check. And so the move is not allowed. If your King is two squares away from your opponent's King, it is not attacking it, and thus it is not putting the other King in check. --CM

In chess if player 1 can't make any other moves on the board but his king and in every direction his king can move he put's him in check what is this called?

If the player to move is unable to, it is stalemate, and the game is a draw.

In chess can king kill anything left or right?

Yes, as long as the piece he's killing is only one space away and if it will not put him in check.