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Probably not considering they're roller blade bearings

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โˆ™ 2011-10-26 21:19:40
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Q: Can you put skateboard bearings on a ripstik?
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What is better skateboard or ripstik?

skateboard. by far.

Can you put normal skateboard bearings in longboard wheels?

yes there the same bearings for every skateboard

How do you jump on a ripstik?

same as you do on a skateboard

What is better ripstik or skateboard?


What are the different types of skateboard?

there are skateboard, snakeboard, wakeboard, longboard, and casterboard which is ripstik

Is a ripstik better than a penny skateboard?

anything is better than a ripstik... a 2x4 with rollerskate wheels taped to it is better than a ripstik.

Are eagle sport bearings skateboard bearings?

yeah, theyre for skateboard and scooters

Is a ripstik allowed in a skate park?

Of course it is allowed at a skatepark but, it would still be more easier to have a skateboard, because it is more easier to do tricks with a skateboard than a ripstik.

Can you put ripstik wheels on a skateboard?

you can't, i know your thinking that because its faster. ripstiks are my faveourite though. ripstik wheels are to large and dont fit that bolt

What are the two types of skateboard bearings?

FKD bearings

How many bearings does a skateboard have?

a skateboard has 8 bearings. 2 bearings inside each wheel facing opposite ways inside each wheel

What are the best bearings for your skateboard?

Rocknrons speed bearings are good.

Is the Ripstik better than a skateboard?

To me, yes the ripstik is soooo much more fun. I love how it rides. It is so much more smooth than a skateboard. I've done both to be honest. i used to skateboard a lot and thought it wuz great until i learned how to ripstik. Then i knew i had to get one. so i got my my first ripstik and i got it in the sweet color blue. i ride it like everyday now and all of my friends have a ripstik too. Me and my friend have made up soo many beast tricks on our ripstiks. not to make fun of the skateboard or anything, its just my opinion.

What is a wave board?

A waveboard is like a skateboard but only has 2 wheels, one at the front and one at the back of the waveboard. It is also called a ripstik. For some people who ride it, it is much easier than a skateboard, a skateboard is more complicated than a waveboard/ ripstik.

How do you spell ripstk?

The spelling is Ripstik, or styled as RipStik, a caster board - similar to a standard skateboard but with tilting casters instead of fixed wheels.

What is the difference Razor Ripster SkateBoard and RipStik?

the ripster is much smaller, and is for people with a small stance, whereas the ripstik is bigger and has a middle bar.

How can you be fast on my skateboard?

depending on your bearings

What are skateboard bearings made out of?


Are scooter bearings the same as skateboard bearings?

Yes, scooter bearings are the same as skateboard bearings, but I would not recommend getting them.Yeah, in fact.. It's a smarter decision to buy 'SKATEBOARD' bearings over 'SCOOTER' bearings because, for the same price, you get 8 with the skateboard, and 4 with the scooter.Essentially, you'd get 2 sets of Bones Reds (best value) for your scooter, which only needs 2 bearings per wheel, at 20 bucks max.

How do you spell ribstick?

The proper noun is spelled Ripstik (also RipStik, a caster skateboard).The proper noun Ribstick is a deer rib-spreader sold to hunters.

How do you remove the bearings on a skateboard?

pop them out of the wheel

Where can you get cheap skateboard bearings?

it depends on were you live.

Are all skateboard bearings the same size?


What are bearings for on a skateboard?

Bearings are used to let the wheels spin freely and with minimal drag.

How do you clean skateboard bearings?

Use WD-40 i use it on my scooter bearings and they are the same as skateboard bearings as well if you want them to go faster soak them in the stuff for 2 days and then dry with a towel