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Yes, Tacki-mac produces a rubber sleeve called a Command Grip that can be used for the upper shaft of your stick instead of hockey tape. They also produce a product called Attack Pad which replaces hockey tape for the blade of your stick.

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Q: Can you put rubber sleeve on hockey stick?
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What is a stick check in hockey?

A stick check in hockey is when you put your stick under your opponent's stick, and lift his in order to steal the puck

How do you make hockey pucks?

you need black rubber then put it in the shape of a hockey puck then freeze it

How do you make a rubber band slingshot?

A rubber band slingshot can be made with a rubber band and a stick. The stick needs to be in the shape of a Y. Put the rubber band around the two small pieces of the stick and you will have a slingshot.

What part of your body should you put the your hockey stick above?

your waist

How can you put your name on a field hockey stick?

you can write your name on or tape it one

How can you put a replacement blade on a broken s17 easton hockey stick?

You can't at the tapered end (round) of the stick. But at the other end you can put one in.

Are leather soles waterproof do I need to put on stick on rubber soles?

Yes they are.

What is the name of the utensil used to put microorganisms on agar jelly?

Hoop Hockey stick

What is flicking hockey?

it's basically when you put the stick almost completely underneath the ball but don't put it too far under, and then you flick up the hockey stick up so the ball goes up into the air. i hope this helped you!

How do you put an extension in a hockey stick?

You dont. Gotta buy a new stick. well, if your a handyman you will probably find a way though.

Is ice hockey the same as field hockey?

Besides the fact they both use a stick to put an object into a goal, they are completely different games.

How do you mould rubber to fabric without letting the fabric flow with the rubber?

you have to coat the fabric first so it can stick with rubber inside mould. for that you have to take a small tank. put some rubber in it. then put m.e.k solution in it and mix it will unless rubber is mixed well in solution . now pain the fabric with the prepared solution. let the fabric dry. now use it with rubber inside mould . it will stick well with rubber inside mould.

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