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Yeah, I wouldn't put racing slicks on it if your gonna drive it in a yard, only if it will be on asphalt and it is gonna cost you alot more for racing slicks then regular go kart tires that you can buy at your local tractor supply.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-01 16:40:01
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Q: Can you put racing go kart tires on a regular go kart?
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Which gas do they put in racing tires?


Who invented kart racing?

Soldiers from the American Navy got bored and put a lawnmower engine to a kart.

Whick gas is put into a tire off a racing car?

Normally air that you can get out of a regular pump and ive know formula 1 cars to be nitrogen in their tires

A gas that is put in the tires of racing cars?


Why is methane put in racing car tires?

It isn't.

What gas is put in the tires of racing car?

Nitrogen, because it is an inert gas.

A gas that is put in the tires of racing car?

Nitrogen It's volume changes less than air as the tires temperature changes.

Can you put regular tires on 17 inch rims?

Not sure what you mean by regular tires, but a 17 inch tire will fit a 17 inch rim.Not sure what you mean by regular tires, but a 17 inch tire will fit a 17 inch rim.

What would happen if you put Nascar tires on a regular car?

When it rains or snows, you will have NO traction.

Is it okay to put regular air on nitrogen tires?

Yes, you can use nitrogen or plain air.

Can you put LT23575R15 tires on a 1992 Dodge Ram 150 2WD regular cab truck?


Gas put in tires of racing cars?

nitrogeon is used to inflate race car tyres due to the consistent tyre pressure throughout different tempertures.

If a car is set up for low profile tires and they put regular ones on dose it make a difference?

The main difference is the feeling of the car, with low profile tires you experience a 'stiffer' ride as there is less rubber on the tires. With regular profile tires the ride is more smoother as there is more rubber to absorb the bumps. A car will also perform better with lower profile tires as there is more handling and response from the car. Hope this helps :)

Can you have smaller front tires than the rear?

You can if the suspension has been designed to run that way. You cannot just put smaller tires on the front of a regular car and expect it to handle well, it will give problems

What size tires can you put on a 1998 Toyota Tacoma regular cab with a 3 inch body lift?


How do you put an engine on a regular go kart?

u start by putting the engine on the gokart then its should have 4 bolts on the bottom u screw them on with a Allen wrench

Should you put nitrogen in your tires?

yes nitrogen would be good or you could use regular old air which is about 70% nitrogen anyway!

A gas is put in the tires of racing cars?

Nitrogen would be the word you are looking for. its because the expand and the heat ratio of the nitrogen is lower then air. very good question

What do you put in tires to make them inflate?

To make tires inflate you need to put air in them

Can you put r15 tires on r16 rims?

No. It is very dangerous to attempt to put the wrong tires on a rim.

Is it okay to put discount tires on your car?

There is no reason that you can not put discount tires on your car. These tires are usually brand name tires that are sold at discount prices. Regardless of the discount, you should still have a warranty on these tires.

How do you put bullet bill code on Mario kart wii?

Sorry, but you can't put in ANY CODE on Mario Kart Wii.

How do you make 5 hp go kart faster?

try putting on bigger tires on the back. it helped mine. i got a size 10 inch john deere tires on my 8 horse power go kart. DO NOT PUT ON 18 OR 19 INCH 4 WHEELER TIRES ON IT. it made mine slower by..... ALOT. you may have to drill holes in the rin for a perfect fit. always put washers on the bolt before tightining the bolt,it helps keep the tires on. cause i was riding mykart to,on Thursday and my driver side tire on the back came off. or idle it up. the little screw on the carbuerator, twist it 1 way. if it didn't help, turn it the opposite way you turned it. i hoped this helped.

What tires should you put on a pathfinder?

Motorcycle tires.

What do they do when it rains on a running track?

this is a good question. it all depends on the type of cars are running on the track. in formula 1 racing, if it starts to rain the cars will go into the pits and either put on intermediate tires or wet tires, depending on the dampness of the track. in NASCAR racing, they will pull the cars into the pits and they will take trucks with jet engines attached in the bed and have them blow the track dry. if it is a public track, they dont do anything