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yes there the same bearings for every skateboard

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Q: Can you put normal skateboard bearings in longboard wheels?
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Do yo have to change skateboard truck to long board trucks if you put long board wheels on a skateboard?

No, my friend has a regular skateboard with longboard wheels and he has normal trucks. And I've done it before with my longboard and skateboard.

Will longboard wheels fit on normal double kick trucks?

Yes, just swap your bearings from skate wheels to longboard wheels, its all the same.

Do longboard wheels work on a skateboard?

Longboard wheels have a small hub, or core, inside it. Skateboard wheels also have this. This allows you to put bearings inside of both of them and can interchange what trucks you put on it. Generally, longboard wheels fit on normal skateboard trucks but a problem you will encounter is wheelbite. You may need to sand the board for wheel wells or put big risers on your board. Another solution is buying harder bushings for less turn and lean.

Can longboard wheels go on skateboard trucks?

no because it will not turn correctly

Where can you buy cheap longboard or cruiser skateboard wheels?


What was invented first the Skateboard or the Longboard?

The shape of a longboard was invented before but the trucks and wheels were small like those of a skateboard. Early boards didn't have pop.

Can you use skateboard bearings for rollerblade wheels?


Will any skateboard trucks fit any skateboard wheels?

Yes, if you purchase or have any skateboard trucks they will fit any wheels. the bearings are the part that actually connects to the trucks. the bearings go in the wheels; the wheels with bearings go onto the trucks and are bolted on. -- everyday skater Blaze

What is faster skateboard or longboard?

A longboard is altogether faster because a longboard has larger wheels and bearings... so it can go more distance with less speed. For example, if you roll a penny and a quarter two rotations the quarter's going to go farther than the penny because a penny is smaller; so imagine skateboard wheels/bearings like pennys and longboard wheels/bearings like quarters. Longboards are also going to go faster because they are meant for downhill because they are more stable because of their length and wide trucks; wheras skateboards are normally meant for not serious downhill runs, more ramps and street obstacles. Hope this helped!

What are bearings for on a skateboard?

Bearings are used to let the wheels spin freely and with minimal drag.

Can you put Ryan sheckler sawbalde bearings in longboard wheels?

If the trucks use 8mm bearings (probably do, most of them do) then yes.

Are skateboard and longboard bearings the same size?

Yes, most bearings are the industrial standard of 8mm unless you have special longboard trucks, most notably Bear 1052's or 1045's or Bear Smokeys, these trucks run 10mm but are not very common. If you can take wheels off with the same wrench on both trucks, then they have the same size bearings.

What kind of skate bearings fit 52mm wheels?

All skateboard bearings will fit ANY sized skateboard wheel because the bearing hole is designed to be the same in all wheels.

What is the purpose of skateboard bearings?

To keep the wheels rolling when you stop pushing.

How many bearing in a skateboard per wheels?

2 bearings bear wheel 8 bearings total

Will longboard trucks fit on a 8.5 skateboard?

I think it's a yes because the wheels won't stick out of the sides.yes they will

What are all the parts of a skateboard?

all the parts of a skateboard are the grip tape deck screws&bolts trucks wheels bearings

What are the materials for a skateboard?

Deck, Trucks, Bearings, Wheels, Griptape, Bushings, Axle nuts, Kingpin

Do all bearings fit with all wheels on a longboard?

For the most part they should, unless the trucks say it needs 10 mm bearings then it will fit. Most trucks use 8 mm bearings.

Where do bearings go on a skateboard?

in the wheels. sometimes people have shields around theirs to make the ride quieter.

What is a skateboard complete?

Is a skateboard that is ready to go. It comes with all the basics: griptape, trucks, bearings, wheels and, of course, the skateboard. Normally the skateboard companies only set their all time favorites skateboards as completes like the Element Section skateboard. There is online shopping sites where they will let you choose all the components for your skateboard (trucks, bearings, wheels, griptape, truck bushings, etc.) like and

Where can you find bearings on your skateboard?

The bearings are usually silver looking discs that are in the wheels. They can be any color, but since they are usually metal, the most common color is silver. When you assemble a skateboard, you have to press the bearings into the wheels before you put the wheels onto the trucks. This is what gives you speed, not the wheels. Bearins are rated usually ABEC 1 - 7 (except for bones). Basically, the higher the number the faster they will be, but also the price.

What go faster a big skateboard or a small skateboard?

It's not actually the size of the skateboard that matter's, its the ball bearings the wheels have inside them. Cheap bearings that come with cheap walmart/warehouse boards almost always go slowly, were as proper bearings from your local skate shop will go a lot faster.

Dose it matter on the size of the wheels on a skateboard on a deck?

yes,and no if u get longboard wheels wich are like 69 mm u cant skate lol but i reccomened 53 mm wheels perfect for skating

What amount of bearings make a skateboard work the best?

All 8 that should be in the wheels.. (2 per wheel.)