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no no

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Q: Can you put new fenders on old dirt bikes?
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What is a good dirt bike?

Yamaha makes the best dirt bikes. Kawasaki is also good and the old Honda xr bikes were bullet proof but the new ones are junky.

How old do kids have to be to race dirt bikes?


Is Yamaha a good dirt bike?

Yamaha makes the best dirt bikes. Kawasaki is also good. The old Honda xr bikes were good but the new ones are junk along with suzuki which is completely hopeless.

How old are dirt bikes?

it started in the year 1959 in united states..

When did Ricky Carmichael start racing dirt bikes?

Ricky Carmichael started racing dirt bikes when he was five years old. Since he was born in November of 1979 it would be safe to say that his racing of dirt bikes started in 1984 - 1985.

How safe are dirt bikes for a 12 year old?

It depends- smaller, low-power bikes can be purchased for younger children. With the right supervision, instruction, and safety and protection gear, dirt bikes can be a fun activity for children and adults of almost any age.

When did James sewart start racing dirt bikes?

When he was around 5-6 years old

What age can I introduce my child to dirt bikes?

i would say about 5-6 years old

When are you too old to ride dirt bikes?

Its all up to the rider. My dad is 51 years old and he races with teens.

Is it legal for a 13-year-old to ride a dirt bike in Florida?

dirt bikes are not a "street legal vehicle", and it is legal for a 13 yr old to ride it off-road

How safe are dirt bikes for a 6 year old?

It depends on the size of the engine. 50cc sounds good.

Is a Honda dirt bike better than a kawaskai dirt bike?

Old Honda bikes were by far the best like the xr bikes. The new Honda bikes are garbage and kawasaki is starting to pass them up. Honda rules the ATV market that's why they outsell everybody else. If you want to buy a bike get a Yamaha though. I have owned my fair share of bikes and from what i have seen Yamaha is by far the best quility and the most reliable.