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You should apply glove oil on a first base glove. It works regardless of the type of glove.

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Q: Can you put glove oil on a first base glove?
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What kind of oil do you put on a baseball glove?

baby oil

How do you break in a catchers glove?

play catch & oil it do not put it in a oven put vasaline on it

Can you put oil base poly over water base poly?

You can put oil base over water base but not vice versa.

How do you flare a baseball glove?

You oil the thumb put it in the microwave and shape it.

Can you put oil base clear finish over oil base paint on wood?

Yes, you can .

What are ways to break baseball gloves in?

Use some oil that you buy from a store it is usually called glove conditioner. Put it in the oven for it to work. After that toss a baseball a lot and tie the ball in the glove. dont [ut your glove in the oven the person who said to due that had absolutely know clue what they are talking about you can just put some oil or glove conditioner on it then wrap it with the ball in the pocket but i repeat DO NOT put your glove in the oven it wrecks it.

Can oil base paint be used on interior cement walls?

It would if you put on a good latex primer first.

Can you put oil Base primer on latex?

Yes you can.

Can you put oil base paint over water base paint?

Yes, you can

How do you condition a softball mitt in the oven?

i never used an oven to break in my mitt but a very good way is to oil your glove (you can buy glove oil at almost any sporting goods store), put a softball in the web, rubberband it, stick it under your matress as you sleep. this will not work by just the first time, i did it to my glove about 3 times and i already felt a difference as i played.

Can you put a mesh baseball glove in oven?

You shouldn't put any glove in the oven

Can you put water base sealer over oil base sealer?

if you put a oil base floor sealer over water base you will find the top coat will flake and peal off your new floor. You need to wait 30 days before applying the oil base sealer to reduce your chances of peeling.

Can you use gloss latex over oil base paint?

Using latex paint can cause you problems and is not recommended over oil base paint, but you can put oil base paint over latex.

Can you put oil base primer over latex paint?

Yes you can.

Can you put base in a sentence?

I was running to first base when , someone got me out!

How do you break in an infielders glove?

what i do is: either use glove conditioning oil and rub it in everyday, or use shaving cream. make sure you oil it everyday, and throw with it everyday. and when you go to bed, put a baseball in the pocket you want to form, and wrap it up with a belt or rubber bands and put it under your mattress.

Why is there snow in your glove box?

Someone put snow in your glove box.

A play at the plate catcher drops the ball on the base runner not the ground and put it back in their glove is it a catch or a dropped ball?

its a catch

Is crude oil the oil you put in cars?

Yes, but they make it into gasoline first. Crude oil is not the oil you put in the crankcase. That is oil that is refined from crude oil and then additives are added.

Can you put oil base stain over latex?

No, it won't 'dry'. The latex will prevent the oil being absorbed.

How do you change the oil Yamaha grizzly 660?

First drain all the existing oil from the base pan. Be sure to put the screw back into the base pan when the oil is drained. Remove the old filter. Then add the new oil (2L). Insert the new oil filter. Be sure to add alittle oil to the Oring of the filter before installation. There you go

Can you apply a water base polyurethane over an oil based polyurethane?

No you cant ,you should never ever put water base over anything except oil base primer and any other water base paints.If you put water base paint over anything that is oil based it will never ever stick it will peal.People will tell you you can do it but they are wrong its bad voodoo

How do you separate oil from water?

first you put it in a freezer

Can you paint latex paint over oil base paint?

No But you can put oil based over water based paints.

Can you put on cement oil base paint over latex?

Yes, as long as the surface is clean and free of grease and oil.