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It depends on the type of ball. Some can be put in the oven on lowest (120degrees) setting. To do this you must put a towel on bottom of the pan you are using, put it in for 15 to 20 min, take it out and put in hot soapy water, dry off and place back in the oven, repeat until no oil comes out of your ball. This can take several hours. Your best bet is to go to the Bowling alley, they have a machine that extracts the oil from your ball. I would say if your ball is older than 2years and you bowl frequently then it is time to get a new ball.....ignore everything i said so far..never ever put your bowling ball in the oven it will ruin the coverstock of your bowling ball which helps make it hook. And if you do put in the oven ur risking the core of your bowling ball in which if it breaks your ball is pretty much screwed might as well say its a house ball. If your bowling ball is getting old I mean if you bowled at least 150 games with it I would get it resurfaced. Ya that's they put your ball in a resufacing machine which removes all the oil...that should definitely put some life back into your bowling ball. This only works on reactive resin ball or particle not on spare balls.

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no. you will cause a fire.

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Q: Can you put a tennis ball in an oven?
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