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No. You need an offset rail or the sight will be blocked by the hopper.

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Q: Can you put a regular scope on a spyder mr1 paintball marker?
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How much would a Spyder Pilot with a scope cost?

The Spyder Pilot paintball gun can be purchased for $160 without the scope, with the scope costing an additional $80 making a total cost of $240. These purchases can both be made from amazon.

What do you need to install a paintball scope on your MR1 Paintball gun?

Since it has weaver rails, all you need are Weaver scope rings. An offset mount will help too.

Can BB gun scopes work as paintball gun scopes?

In general scopes are not very useful in Paintball due to the relative inaccuracy of the Paintball itself and the tunnel vision effect of the scope. but if your Paintball gun had weaver or 3/8 rails, you can mount whatever scope (or sight, a better option) you wanted on it

Does every paintball gun need railing for scopes?

Yes. without rails there is nothing to mount the scope (and scope rings) to.

What would be a starting paintball sniper?

The browning is typically your common sniper rifle with a scope added , but you could use a M240 , and put a scope on it , LIKE A BOSS

How do you put a scope on a tippmann 98?

The best way to do it is to purchase a rail and attach the scope to that. Otherwise you can modify the scope to fit on the top of the marker using a hose clamp or other creative method.

Can you mount a military red dot scope on a paintball gun Tippmann X-7?

Yes. Any scope or attachment with picatinny rail mounts will fit onto the X7.

What is a good but cheap 20 or less paintball sniper scope with a crosshair not dot sight?

There are no "good" scopes for that price. If you haven't the money to buy a decent scope, odds are you don't need one.

Can any scope work on a Tippmann 98 custom?

Not on the basic, but i believe (someone please confirm me on this) on the pro and platinum they have rails. If they can boast a scope i do not know. Its also paintball so i dunno if scopes are needed

Can you use a paintball scope MOUNT on an airsoft gun?

If they both have the same rails, yes. Rails are usually Picatinny or 3/8 inch.

Difference of regular marketing from global marketing?

the main diffenrence of global and regular marketing is scope of activity....

Is the Tiberius T9 Elite rifle acurrate enough for the scope?

It is a 290 fps paintball pistol with a shoulder stock. I have serious doubts about accuracy at a range that would require a 4X scope. Above is purely opinion, yours may differ.