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You shouldn't put any glove in the oven

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Q: Can you put a mesh baseball glove in oven?
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What are ways to break baseball gloves in?

Use some oil that you buy from a store it is usually called glove conditioner. Put it in the oven for it to work. After that toss a baseball a lot and tie the ball in the glove. dont [ut your glove in the oven the person who said to due that had absolutely know clue what they are talking about you can just put some oil or glove conditioner on it then wrap it with the ball in the pocket but i repeat DO NOT put your glove in the oven it wrecks it.

Do you put your baseball glove in the oven to break it in?

Generally speaking a new baseball glove is "stiff" and needs to be "broken in" There are several ways to accomplish this and one way is not to place it in an oven.Techniques to properly break in a new baseball glove are to:Daily rub the glove gently with olive oil;After that, place a baseball firmly in the center of the glove and fold it over the ball. This makes a "center" place in the glove where most of caught balls fall into;Practice catching ball with the glove each day and begin to feel the glove gain some softness. The glove should feel comfortable on your hand.For the most part, a new baseball glove can be "broken in" in a week to ten days.Each player has his/her own way on this procedure, but to answer the question, no, a glove is never placed in an oven.

How do you break in a catchers glove?

play catch & oil it do not put it in a oven put vasaline on it

How do you put your name on a baseball glove?


Can you put pine tar on a baseball glove?


What years did Cal Abrams have a baseball glove made in his name?

Nokona put out the Cal Abrams model G50 baseball glove in the early 1950s.

What kind of oil do you put on a baseball glove?

baby oil

How do you put a rubberband on a baseball glove?

to break it in, and hold its form

How do you flare a baseball glove?

You oil the thumb put it in the microwave and shape it.

Should you use shaveing cream to break in a baseball glove?

That is one way. if you do that you should then put it out in the sun or the oven(at a low temperature) to soften it. I would recommend putting the glove in a bucket of ice water overnight. put a ball in it and close it the way your hand would squeeze it closed then tie a rope or belt around it. after it has soaked for a night, take it out and let it dry. then it should be broken in.

How do you condition a softball mitt in the oven?

i never used an oven to break in my mitt but a very good way is to oil your glove (you can buy glove oil at almost any sporting goods store), put a softball in the web, rubberband it, stick it under your matress as you sleep. this will not work by just the first time, i did it to my glove about 3 times and i already felt a difference as i played.

Can a player throw his glove with the baseball in it?

Yes. In the rare case that a batted ball gets stuck in the webbing of a glove a fielder may throw the glove to another fielder when attempting to put someone out.

How can you shrink a mesh baseball hat?

put it in the microwave also try a packet of crisps it goes all shrivelled and tiny Turn your oven to 300 degrees and put hat in. notice that the hat must have soaked in water for ten minutes before it enters the oven. Leave the hat in for 30 minutes. Take it out and wet in again. Just a sprinkle the second time. Put it on for half an hour then bam there you go. And dont forget to be naked while you are doing it. If the hat has any plastic it will melt in the oven, even when wet.

What is tha best way to wear in a softball glove?

The best way to wear in a glove is to first by playing catch with it. That is one way. but if you want to try something different, the best way to do it is to attach a softball to a stick (i think you can actaully buy them now) and hit your glove with it. just make sure you are hitting the net and the palm of the glove. BUT DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, PUT IT IN THE OVEN!

Can you put a towel in the oven?

You can put a towel in a oven if the oven is broke!!!!!YOU CAN'T PUT A TOWEL IN THE OVEN IF IT WORKS AND YOU LIGHT IT BECAUSE IT WILL BURN AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO USE IT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does the term full right mean in terms of a baseball glove?

It means its a glove for left handed throwers. You put it on your right hand Source: Nike store, Coaches

Do you put mesh on the Christmas tree before or after putting ornaments on it?

after if you're putting ornaments on it, but if it's just mesh, than you just put it on

Can you put glove oil on a first base glove?

You should apply glove oil on a first base glove. It works regardless of the type of glove.

How do you loosen a hard baseball gloove?

Well, I don't play baseball but instead I play softball but basically it's the same principle. You can buy glove oil at any wal-mart in the sporting goods for a fairly cheap price. Some glove oils require heat and others just rubbing in the oil very well. Ive also heard, but never tried, that if you put your glovee in the oven on low heat with a ball inside of it with a string tighly wrapped around your glove it's much faster than glove oil. Various ways that I would never try are things such as running your glove over with a car several times and just abusing it for about a week. But the bast way I have found is some good old-fashioned glove oil and catching a lot of hard-thrown balls.

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yes or no

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