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Q: Can you pull a players hair during the Football game?
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Can jr high girls basketball players wear bobbypins in their hair during a game?


Are there football players with hair extensions?

Proffessionally, I don't know. But yes. I can assure you that there are football players in this world who have extensions.

What college football players have hair extensions?

andre ellington

What do football players with dreads wear on their hair under their helmets?


Is there a penalty for grabbing a NFL football players hair?

they cant even grab their hair because they are wearing helmets

What team's all players dyed their hair blond during the 1998 World Cup in France?

The players of Romania dyed their hair blond in the 1998 .

Why do football players shave their arms?

because they need to run fater and if they hav hair on there arms it will slow them down.

Does hair style effect headers in socker?

No, hairstyles of players do not affect headers in football and that is why Fellaini, with his bushy hair, could still score for Everton and Manchester United from headers.

What can field hockey players not wear in a game?

hair clips, hair ties, around there wrist, no visible jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces ect...

Why are so many football helmets coming off in 2009?

Black people tend to use more wax based products in their hair or on their shaved heads and more white players are acting like black players.

What is the percent of 3 players out of 30 players with blonde hair?


Are NFL players allowed to wear hair extensions?

Yes, some NFL players with long braids are hair extensions.

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