Can you play with the ahl on NHL 2k9?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Q: Can you play with the ahl on NHL 2k9?
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What team does Mark Recchi play for on nhl 2k9?

Boston bruins

How do you play as goalie in NHL 2K9?

For Xbox360 you have to press the back button

What is better NHL 09 or NHL 2k9?

nhl 2k9 is for the wii but that only helps if you have one. it is also on other systems. nhl09 is better because it has be a pro mode. in be a pro you start in the ahl and play to advance to the nhl to be a star like sydney Crosby and ovechkin

Is there a NHL 2k9 WII code to allow created teams play in seasons?

Yes there is

Is there a NHL 09 for wii?

it's called NHL 2K9 No, nhl 09 has Dion phaneuf on the cover, they only have nhl 2k9 which has rick Nash on the cover.

Is there a NHL 2k9 or NHL 2k8 for the original xbox?


What is the road to the NHL?

The road to the nhl is to play AA hockey until high school, become an accountant and from there play college hockey to go to the AHL and from there to the NHL.

How do you be in the nhl?

You get drafted by game scouts. They give you a chance to play on their AHL team and if they like what they see, you will soon get a chance to play in their nhl team.

Is there ahl teams in NHL 08 ps2?

Yes there is are the AHL teams from 2008. There is a mode that you can play to see if you can win the Calder Cup.

NHL 2k9 how to pull other team goalie?

Learn to play and beat the other team fairly.

How many games does AHL hockey play?

80 games Mx ProDigY xM

What is better NHL09 or NHL 2k9?

on the game rating sites it says nhl 09 is better