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No. There is not a single oil rig in the world that accommodates a tennis court. Ping-pong yes, tennis no.

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Q: Can you play tennis on Oakley oil rig?
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What are the different job positions on an oil rig?

I am looking for a job as a chef on an oil rig

Are you more likely to see an oil rig on boat or on a truck?

on a oil rig boat

How do you build a oil rig on oil tycoon 2?

St. Petersburg has an offshore field to build the oil rig.

How much can an oil rig diesel mechanic make?

Oil rig mechanic salary will be based on location of the rig. Typically oil rig mechanics make around $50,000 a year but can be less or more dependent upon location and company.

How long does it take to build an oil rig?

It takes 20000 day to build an oil rig.

Is an oil rig known as a Christmas tree?

No a christmas tree is only part of an oil rig.

How many people on the oil rig servived?

1 out of 20 people die on an oil rig.

What is the difference between and oil rig and an oil platform?

An oil rig is an oil platform or oil production platform. A drilling is different though.

How do you get crude oil to surface?

pumped up with a flexible like and a rotating blade if they hit a gas like then that rig in the ocean will become a natural gas rig and if they hit oil then they will become the most famous type of rig an oil rig but sometimes if they hit the gas pockets it could destroy there rig

Was there another oil spill in the Gulf?

A oil rig exploded on April 20, 2010 and oil gushed out for months before the hole was plugged. There was another oil rig explosion in the Gulf on September 2, 2010 when an oil rig exploded.

Did the oil rig thingy explode?

If you mean the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, yes it did explode.

What is the longest time you can stay on an oil rig?

please tell me how long you stay on a offshore oil rig

Is finding an oil rig good for a country?

yes ... oil rig for a country is very important n so it will reduce the price of oil

What kind of oil rig was it?

If you are referring to the rig that suffered the major oil spill on April 10, 2010, it was an ultra-deepwater, dynamically positioned, semi-submersible offshore oil drilling rig, named the Deepwater Horizon. Simply called a drilling rig.

What qualification are needed for oil rig jobs?

Working on an oil rig requires, stamina, strength, and the ability to commit. Some jobs on oil rigs require training that can be learned while on the rig, while others require degrees received from Universities or trade schools. The requirements to get employed on an oil rig are as varied as the jobs themselves.

What started the oil spill in the gulf?

The Oil rig in the middle of the rig belonged to BP, or British Petroleum. The rig got to hot, and exploded, therefore causing disaster to the gulf coast

How does someone pick an oil rigs location?

After exploration has been done and oil deposits have been found, the exact location of an oil producing rig is based on the location of these oil deposits. It will be placed in a way that it is centered within close proximity of the oil field. As there will be multiple wells on a single oil rig, the wells are drilled deviated from the rig to the zone that contains the oil.

Did another oil rig explode in the Gulf of Mexico?

Yes. Another oil rig (west of the rig that exploded on April 20, 2010) exploded in the Gulf of Mexico on the morning of September 2, 2010.

What was the name of the oil rig that drilled Spindletop?

The drilling rig was not given a name but is simply referred to as "the Spindle top drilling rig".

What is derrick?

oil rig.