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Q: Can you play table tennis in Wii Sports?
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Why can't you play tennis in Wii sports resort?

Because all of the balls on the tennis court were stolen. (It's not in the game any more.) You can play table tennis though.

Can you play singles tennis on wii sports?

no you can´t

How do you play singles on Wii sports tennis?

Sorry, you can't. But you can play with a computer

How do you return to center table tennis wii sports resort?

That is the main problem. You can't.

How do you fight the boss on Wii sports resort?

boss for what?table tennis?cause i can't beat her

What happens if you beat Lucia in table tennis match wii sports resort?

You will get a stamp. Thats about it.

Can you play Wii tennis from Wii Sports on WiFi connection and if so how?

No, Wii sports does not support any kind of wi fi connection, and is played only by you.

Can you only play doubles tennis on Wii sports?

yes very sorry

Can you play singles match on Wii sports tennis?

yes look at it in youtube

Can you play table tennis double with Wii remote?

It is possible to play WiiSports tennis with a remote, but I don't think that the table tennis on WiiPlay or WiiSports Resort allows doubles table tennis to be played. There may, however, be other games which do.

What are the names of the champions in Wii sports resort?

Lucia is the champion of table tennis, and Matt is the champion of swordplay.

What are the names of the wii sports resort champions?

Lucia is the champion of Table Tennis, and Matt is the champion of swordplay.