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No, you play by age group, or maybe skill.

depending on how athletic and skilled you are.

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Q: Can you play extra year of sports if you where homeschooled your freshman year?
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Can a kid play schools sports if he is homeschooled?

Kids can play sports when homeschooled but not with A school but with privet team.

If you are homeschooled can you play sports?

YES of course!

Can homeschooled kids play sports in NY?

Well of course! Why couldn't they?

Can a homeschooled kids in WV play high school sports?


What is a red-shirt freshman?

someone who did not play in games their freshman year and therefore has an extra year of elgibility

What sports did John Wooden play his freshman year at Purdue?

basketball and baseball

Does Taylor Lautner play any sports?

played football during freshman year in high school

Can you play sports for your local high school if you are homeschooled?

Answeryes you can, you just have to sign up. You alsoso have to familiar with the school and the sport.

Can a sophomore play on a freshman softball team?

Nope, you have to be a freshman in order to play on the freshmen team.

Do you need a athletic scholarship to play sports your freshman year?

It's is very hard to be on a college team without an athletic scholarship your freshman year. You could become a "walk on" but it's very hard.

If you get held back your freshman year do you play with the freshman football team or sophomore?

You will be put on the Freshman team

Students should play sports if they are not passing their grades?

No, they should not be playing sports fi they do not have passing grades. Sports is an extra curricular activity that is played when you have extra time. Students should always be doing their homework before playing sports.

Can a redshirt freshman play?


Can you play basketball in high school if you get homeschooled?


What are the conditions or requirements to be a red shirt freshman?

In college sports a prized recruit might be given the designation of a red shirt freshman. This means that can practice with the team, but will not play. It will mean that the student will be one year ahead of their athletic eligibility.

Did Doak Walker play as a freshman?


What year were freshman eligible to play college football?

NCAA made freshman eligible in 1972

Can a freshman play on the varsity football team?

Rules can change from school to school, but if an athlete is extraordinarily talented, they may be able to play on the varsity as a freshman.

Can a homeschooled student play high school football?

yes im in highschool and a kid who is homeschooled is on my team. just see your local highschool i guess

How do you say you play sports?

"I play sports"

Did Troy Aikman play at Oklahoma?

Yes for his freshman year.

Can sophomores ever play on the freshman football team in in NJ?


Do you say do sports or play sports?

Play Sports is the correct term and grammar.

What sports do Hindus play?

they play all the sports other people play

What are pay-to-play sports?

Pay-to-play sports require payments to play.