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yes college students should have to get good grades in order to play sports. they could be the best player on the team but school comes first. you should at least have a B in order to play on the team.

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Q: Can you play college sports with bad grades?
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Can i play college basketball if i have bad grades?


Should students need to get good grades to play school sports?

yes because if you focus on sports you will get bad grades but if you really want to play you'd get good and and be able to play

What is the percentage of kids that play a sport and get bad grades?

42% of students play sports.

Should students with bad grades play sports?

As long as they like the sport.

What are facts about playing sports with bad grades?

. you can't play unless you have a 3.0 or higher . try to get good grades

Why shouldn't kids with bad grades not play sports?

It's a safeguard to ensure sports does not interfere with their education. At least that's the thought behind it.

Why wouldn't someone be able to participate in athletics?

There could be a few reasons on why a person could not play sports. They could have some kind of medical issues, failing grades at school or a bad background. If they have bad grades they may not be allowed to participate in sports.

What are some good facts about playing sports with bad grades?

Get your grades up! Da!

What college did Dustin Hoffman the actor attend?

Santa Monica City College. He dropped out due to bad grades.

Is Julia Montes beautiful and a good actress?

No she got bad grades but now she is a sports teacher

Should you play sports even if your grades are bad?

yes, you should still playa sport even if you have bad grades. if you like it and have the time to do it, then yes! but make sure that your homework is done and neat! do;t forget to check it for mistakes with your mom though!!! glad i could help! please take my advice!

Should your child be able to play sports with bad greads?

It depends. If they really enjoy the sport they play then keeping up their grades shouldn't be a problem, not allowing them to play is like a punishment. Basically the sports teams are a motivator to help keep kids' grades up. It also depends on why their grade is bad. If they're just a slack student that doesn't care about school, then maybe they should be penalized. But if they try hard and just aren't understanding the material, then it may be a different story.

IDid bad in high school but you want to become a lawyer. What steps should i take?

Get really good grades in college. High school will not matter as much as the college grades to get into law school.

Should you go to a Community College before college?

It isn't necesssary, but if you had bad grades in high school, then it will benefit you. The college will see you as serious about an education if you went to a few classes and got good grades at college level. So all of this depends on your GPA and the requirement for your college of choice.

What kind of college degree do you need to be a college basketball coach?

None,you can be in sports but you would have to be really good in academics. If you have bad academics you could be kicked out of school. That's why you don't have to have a college degree to be in sports.

If you get good grades in 12th grade but bad ones the years before is it possible to get into a good college?

College entry is not solely based on academic performance. It is taken into consideration along with other parts of the application process. ACT and SAT scores play an important role into college admissions.

Can you play sports with a buckle fracture to your finger?

it depends wot sort of sports football you can do but rugby could be a bad option if u play in the scrum

Do students who play sports perform better in school than students who don't?

No, if you don't play sports it doesn't mean you will perform bad at school

Can you play sports with 20 80 and 20 60 vision?

20 60 is a normal vision . you can easily play sports and it is convenient . but 20 80 is a bad vision so we cannot play sports by it.

What grades did chad johnson get?

bad grades.

What do I do if in high school I got bad grades but joined the military and grew up. Now I want to get get my PharmD to be a pharmacist. What are the steps I should take?

Your high school grades have nothing to do with getting into pharmacy school...only your college grades. If you're worried about getting into college, then start out at a community college (which would be cheaper), take all the general education classes for a year then transfer to a 4 year college.

Are good grades important?

Yes your grades are very important, you need good grades all through your school life to get into college and university but even if you don't plan to go to college or university you will still need 5 GCSE(s) grade C or above for maths science and English and that's just the bare minimum to get into most jobs.Very ImportantGood grades are very important. Any student, no matter what, needs to have decent grades. Some reasons why: Getting good grades means you are not failing your classes. You don't want to fail a class, and then have to take the time to retake it again. Doing so is a waste because it means there will be a class period taken where you can't take something else.In high school, you have to be academically elgible in order to play sports. You don't want to let your team down since your grades are bad and you can't play.Grades are a major part of getting into college. As you have probably heard, colleges are becoming more and more selective as more students apply. Good grades will let you get in easierGrades not only play a part in college acceptance, they also play a big role in college scholarships. College is expensive, and you will probably want to have some help paying for it.It Depends ...Good grades do help you get into a good college, stay on your sports team, and influence your future employers. However, what's most important during your school years is that you learn how to try your best and be happy with whatever that best might be. You might not be an "A" student, but if you are doing your work as well as you can and not slacking off, then whatever grades you get are OK. Learning discipline is one of the hardest lessons, which is one reason you go to school for so many years. Once you graduate, you will be on your own, and will have to motivate yourself to get a job and earn the money you need and want. If you have learned how to "knuckle down" and do your best, then you will be ahead of many people even if your grades were not as good as you wanted them to be.

Do sports affect your grades in schools... how?

yes if u worry more about sports than school u r going to get a very bad grade if u don't study for a test

Does iPod playing after school affect school grades?

Not really, but to some people they play bad games on the I pod and then do bad things in school.

What are Adam Young's grades?

This information is not open to the public, but he has stated that he was very bad at math and hated it. He was also put on a college probation list due to poor grades before going into music.