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Q: Can you play college sports while taking remedial classes?
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Can you get college credits while in middle school?

yes you can by taking college course classes.

How do you get credits for photography?

by taking so many classes (x) in college

Where can I take college prep classes?

In order to get ready for college, you can try to take online classes in the school specializing in prep classes for colleges. Do find prep classes consisting of the subjects you will be taking in college, so that all the information you learned will be relevant.

How old do you have to be to take college classes?

Age doesnt matter, what does matter is your high school status. If you graduate HS, you can take college classes. Certain (geniuses) have taken college classes at 15 years old or less. + You can start taking college leveled classes when you reach a highschool environment.

What is it called when you are enrolled at one college or university but going to another college to take classes for credit at the college you are enrolled in?

Taking classes at another school is what most people just call it. Liberal arts colleges call it "an exchange program" (spending a semester at a different college-taking classes, but sill enrolled at your original school) or a college consortium (can take a variety of classes at numerous colleges within the area).

When is the Start date for college in Colorado Springs?

Depends on what college you're attending and what kind of classes and/or programs you are taking.

What is a sentence for medial?

This year, I'm taking reMEDIAL English.

What classes is Harry Styles taking in college?

Harry styles doesnt go to collage

Did Larry Fitzgerald graduate from college?

Recently taking on line classes at The University of Phoenix.

What is Taylor Lautners education?

he is currently taking college classes during his free time.

What is the name of Taylor lutners school?

Taylor Lautner is taking college classes at this time

What classes need to be completed to attend college?

Matters what you're taking in college. Many require Math 30.Math31(Calculus) is required for only a few classes (mainly engineering)

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