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Yes, there are Basketball leagues for women outside of the United States.

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Q: Can you play basketball overseas if you are a female?
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Can you bring your girlfriend if you go play basketball overseas?

If its your hand, yes.

Do you need one year of college to play overseas basketball?

No, you do not. That rule only applies for the NBA. Overseas, there are no such rules (in most countries). Brandon Jennings was the last to do so, as he decided to forgo playing college basketball and instead play overseas with an Italian league team.

Is it better to play professional basketball overseas or in the US?

Type your answer here... over seas

Is overseas basketball better than college basketball?

you get paid quite a bit more overseas

Who female star of love and basketball?

There were many female stars to play in the movie, Love and Basketball. The female star that you are probably thinking of is Sanaa Lathan and she played the older version of Monica Wright, which was the lead female role.

Who was the first female player to play basketball in 5 Olympics?

Teresa Edwards

What female basketball player is the first to play on the Olympic team?

its Teresa Edwards

Which female basketball player is the first usa basketball player ever to play on four olympic teams?

Lisa Leslie

Which female basketball player is the first basketball player ever to play on five olympic teams?

I say Lisa Leslie.

What basketball team does Dee Brown play for?

Dee Brown is an American basketball player, however, he currently plays for a team on the Turkish Basketball League called Turk Telecom. Dee Brown has been playing basketball overseas since 2007.

Do you get looked at more by scouts when playing overseas basketball or college basketball?


What professional female basketball player was the first US basketball player to ever play on four teams?

Answernick maini dick