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No, You cannot play soccer without any legs (unless you have very high tech prosthetic legs). You need your feet to play soccer. If you don't have any legs than you don't have any feet to play soccer with!

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Q: Can you play ball through your legs?
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What is soccer salad?

When the ball is put through between your legs.

What is nutmeg or jaiphal?

when you kick the ball through someones legs

When the ball goes through your legs in soccer is it called a nutmeg or a nuddy?


How do you stop the ball mgoing through your legs in rounders?

to prevent a rounders ball rowling through your legs, squat down so one knee is up and the other down so you are in a position to get up and run a bit in any direction. Then when the ball rolls to you cup your hands and collect it,

Does a hiking of the ball in football have to travel through the legs or can it be handed to the QB over the side of the center's body?

The ball can be snapped under the legs or the center can do a legal snap called a side snap. This is where the center picks up the ball, turns around, and hands it to the quarterback

What does wickets mean?

In the sport of cricket the word wicket has several distinct meanings:1. a set of stumps and bails; 2. the pitch; or 3. the dismissal of a batsman.

Has a hit not an error ever been called on a ball that went through a third baseman's legs?

The decision on whether a batted ball is a hit or an error lies solely with the official scorer. Over the history of the game there has probably been an instance when a hit was given to a batter when the ball went through a fielder's legs although I personally cannot recall ever seeing it.

How do you throw a tennis ball far?

Use your whole body (hips, legs, etc) to throw the ball as hard as you can at a 45 degree angle and remember to follow through.

What is the diffrence between rugby league and rugby union?

rugby league is where play cannot carry on every time a man gets taken to the floor you must put the ball through your legs for another player to pass it. rugby union is where play is fluent with rucks and mauls

What number was Bill Buckner of the red sox the year he let the ball through his legs?

Bill Buckner was number 6.

Why is the goalie the only person who can handle the ball?

this is because he has to save the ball for his team so the other team can win . when it is out of play the defenders can through the ball in.

Why do they call it a nutmeg in soccer?

It means; a fake or feint, usually intended to deceive a defensive player. So another word you could use would be; to trick or shake someone.