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Yes you would need to try out.

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Q: Can you play arena football without going to college?
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Can a college football player go pro after college without going into the draft?

they can walk on

Can you be a football player without going to college?

I am assuming you are asking if you can be a professional football player without going to college. The answer is yes. You would contact the team for which you are interested in trying to play. The odds of getting a tryout without an agent to represent you and no resume of football experience are very, very bad.

Can you become a pro football player without going to college?

if im really good at football can i become a pro football player

How do you play in the NFL without going to college?

Wow.. Okay, it is nearly impossible. It is very possible to get transferred from a Canadian or Arena football league. You could always find away to make a video, send it to the team, and have them meet with you. But.... Really the only way is college...

How does an arena football player go to the NFL?

An arena football player can get to the NFL by going to a NFL tryout. Many people are able to get into the NFL by participating in a tryout.

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Could you study graphic arts without going to college?

If you want to study graphic arts, you can do it without going to college. However, your only option for achieving a job in this field is only by going to college.

Can you just go to university without going to college to be an architect?

a university is a college.

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