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Q: Can you play 2 separate golf competitions in one day ie singles matchplay and then foursomes stableford?
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Can men and women compete together in the olympic diving competitions?

No, men and women compete in separate events.

Did Yugoslavia participate in the 2008 Olympics?

Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Macedonia now compete as separate nations in Olympic competitions.

What does olypics mean?

international athletic contests held as separate winter and summer competitions every four years in a different city

What are specials in Irish dance competitions?

Competitions that are separate from the usual dances and may vary from feis to feis. Often include a treble reel or a step of a typical dance down-the-line. They typically cost more and have larger competition sizes and more "special" awards

What is the treble in football?

To different people "The Treble" can mean different things, so there is no definitive answer. "The Treble" can refer to any set of 3 competitions that a team can win, depending on the particular football or country. Commonly it would involve winning one league and two separate cup competitions that the team participates in.

Which team won the 1908 Italian Football Championship?

The 1908 Italian Football Championship saw two separate competitions. The Federal Championship was won by Juventus. The winner of the Italian championship of Prima Categoria was S.G. Pro Vercelli.

Do you have to own your own pony to compete in the POYS?

like many top class competitions you can have a separate owner and rider. although it is often difficult to find an owner who is willing to give away their ride. if you want to ride for someone else then you are usually expected to be quite experienced and advanced.

Which team won the 1909 Italian Football Championship?

The 1909 Italian Football Championship saw two separate competitions. The Federal Championship was won by SG Pro Vercelli. The winner of the Italian championship was Juventus. Only Pro Vercelli's title is recognized as an official Scudetto.

Is there gender equality in sports in south africa?

Women are not equal to men in strength, so there is always an inequality. However, the South African constitution guarantees non-discrimination so any woman can take part in any sport. There are womens teams in most sports and it is illegal to bar women from taking part in any sport. Due to to the physical strength issue, women take part in separate team competitions, or separate athletic events, or if in the same event, for example marathon running, there is a separate prize for the womens race.

How many games played in olympics?

The current Olympics involve 380 to 400 separate competitions in 33* sports and 53 disciplines within those sports.*There are 7 different sports, 15 disciplines, and 86 competitions scheduled for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.*There are 26 different sports and 38 disciplines, a total of just over 300 competitions now scheduled for the 2012 Summer Olympics in Vancouver. This was reduced from 28 games with the elimination of baseball and softball. In Rio de Janiero in 2016, the number of sports will return to 28 with the reinstatement of rugby and golf.

What is the American spelling of separate?

answer: separate

Is Wyoming a separate property state?

Wyoming is a separate property state.Wyoming is a separate property state.Wyoming is a separate property state.Wyoming is a separate property state.