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Yes this move is legal, even in the NBA.

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Q: Can you pass to yourself by bouncing shot off the backboard deliberately?
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Can a basketball player pass to himself?

I dont think that you can pass to yourself unless you bounce it off someone else. If you pass to yourself it might be considered traveling. the only way you can is to bounce it off the backboard or another player A player may throw the ball off the backboard and catch it. However, the player must receive the pass while in the air and shoot or pass before he comes down. Otherwise, the call is traveling

What is a bouncing pass in basketball?

a pass that bounces on the ground first

Does the clock start when an inbounds pass hits the backboard?


Can a pass be made off the basketball backboard to another teammate?


Bouncing of a wave from a surface through which it cannot pass?


Where does the box go on a basketball backboard?

It gos dead center behind the rim each line most not pass the fattest edge of the rim ...

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How do you get a imvu try it pass?

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How to do a perfect bounce pass with a basketball?

visualize where you want the ball to bounce in order for it to reach the other person without bouncing to high

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