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lalakers; miami. Cleveland Cavaliers

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Q: Can you name three famous basketball teams?
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What is the basketball teams name in Indiana?

Indiana Pacers

Who is the Australian basketball teams coach?

His name is Brett Brown

What is Pittsburgh's basketball teams name?

There is no Pittsburgh NBA team.

The name of three famous Spanish soccer teams?

Barcelona. Real Madrid. Valencia.

Famous basketball that's last name start with A?

Red Auerbach is the famous former basketball coach of the Boston Celtics. His last name begins with the letter A.

Can you name 2 basketball teams?

Mephis grizzlies and the Los angles clippers

Michael jordans basketball teams name?

Chicago bulls and the Washington wizards

What is NBA Basketball?

NBA Basketball is an association called the National Basketball Association. In it people play basketball in a season on one of the 30 teams. The teams verse each other at one of their home courts. (Each team has there own court with the team name painted in the middle.)

What is the name of the famous basketball team that represent New York City?

The New York Knicks is the name of the basketball team.

What is the name of the famous basketball player?

michel jorden

What sport teams name starts with a U?

Utah Jazz is a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association. It begins with U.

Name the basketball teams with the most championships in the nba?

Boston Celtics with 17 championships.

Name Georgia state sports teams?

the only one i know is basketball, their team name is Georgia tech

For what is Pistol Pete famous?

He was famous for his basketball skills. He got the name from his habit of shooting the basketball from his side kind of like you would should a revolver.

Name three famous soccer teams in europe and the countries in which they are located?

There are lots of amazing teams in europe but the three teams that people favorite the most would be. 1) Barcelona- Spain 2) Real Madrid- Spain 3) Chelsea- England

Bob is the first name of which famous athlete from basketball?


Who is a famous person whose last name is O'Neil?

Shaquille O'Neil-a famous basketball player

How did basketball turn into the NBA?

August 3, 1949-Six teams from the NBL join the BAA. the resulting 17 teams form the National Basketball Association(NBA). and name Maurice Podloff as President

Who is the Syracuse Basketball teams mascot?

Otto the Orange is the mascot of the Syracuse Basketball team. The Syracuse Basketball team is also nicknamed Syracuse Orange, hence the name for the mascot Otto the Orange.

What famous people have the first name of Allen?

· Allen Iverson (basketball)

Name the best ncaa men's basketball teams of all times?

2007 Ohio State Buckeyes

What do those six lines under a basketball teams name signify?

I am not sure, but also want to know

What are the basketball teams names?

here are the name ofsome of the basketball teams. The Houston Rockets, Los Angles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Boston Celtic, and the Washington Wizards.

What type of sports teams does the UConn Huskies have?

UConn Huskies is the common name of the University of Connecticut. This University has many sports teams including football and basketball. UConn also has men's and women's hockey teams, golf, and Lacrosse teams.

Name three famous singers from Alabama?

name of three singers from Alabama

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