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Q: Can you name the footballer with the most vowels in their surname?
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What city has most vowels in its name?

The city that has the most vowels in its name is Ouagadougou in the country Burkina Faso. It is the largest city in the country.

What city has the most vowels in its name?


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Its not pop but creedance clearwater revival has 11 vowels

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Celik, a Turkish word that means "steel", is common as a given (first) name, and as a surname, in its country of origin, Turkey. One example of Celik as a surname is the Turkish footballer, Yasin Celik.

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the surname Chen is the most common surname in the world.

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Most likely some long confusing, no vowels in it name that nobody can pronounce

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Egyptian hieroglyphics did not have symbols for vowels. There are several websites that let you type your name in hieroglyphics, and they include vowels, but they just use the hieroglyph for Y as most of the vowels.

Name doesnt contain vowels?

all words have vowels

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As with most Asian names, the Vietnamese order is Surname first, then first name. E.g. Nguyen Tam- Tam= first name; Nguyen= surname

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