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There are currently seven football clubs in the Scottish Football League that begin with the letter "A": # Aberdeen FC # Airdrie United FC # Albion Rovers FC # Alloa Athletic FC # Annan Athletic FC # Arbroath FC # Ayr United FC See the rest here:

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Q: Can you name the five football clubs who play in the Scottish football League whose name start with the letter 'A'?
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What year did Scottish premier league start?

The Scottish Premier League started in 1998 when it separated from the Scottish Football League. The two clubs rejoined in 2013 to form the Scottish Professional Football League.

How many football clubs play in the scottish premier league?


Which football clubs did Andrei Kanchelskis play for?

Andrei Kanchelskis played for the USSR Cup, the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Football League Cup, the FA Charity Shield, and the European Super Cup. He also played for the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Cup, and the Scottish League Cup.

What do the stars on SPL shirts represent?

In the Scottish Premier League, the stars represent the number of times a football team won a championship. For football clubs, the stars correspond to their continental champions league.

English clubs in scottish league?

Berwick Rangers

Football clubs begin with a?

The Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons are teams in the National Football League. They begin with the letter A.

In what year was the Scottish Premier League founded?

The football/soccer league known as the Scottish Premier League was founded in 1998. At its inception, the league had 10 clubs, but has expanded to have 12 currently. As of 2013, only two teams have won championships: Celtic and Rangers.

Are Scottish soccer teams really part of the premier league?

No they have their own league called the Scottish league. the main clubs are Celtic and clasgow Rangers.

Who is the best football player ever in Scottish clubs?

Kenny dalgliesh

Which Football player has played for 3 different scottish clubs and has won 3 scottish cups?

Stephen Pressley

Where can someone find information on English Premier League Table?

The Premier League is an English professional league for men's football clubs. There are 20 clubs contesting in this league. There is a Barclays Premier Football League Table on the website called "PremierLeague".

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