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Cyclo- cross, cross-country mountainbiking, horse cross-country, cross-country rally, motorcross, supercross, cross-country running, cross-country skiing, boardercross, golfcross, Lacrosse, and polocrosse.

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Q: Can you name all sports with the word 'cross' in them?
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What are the best cross training sports?

Running, cycling, lifting weights, and swimming are the best cross-training sports. Cross-training improves over-all body performance and reduces risk of injury.

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How did they make the name for all sports?

It either comes from the person who invented it or it should be a base/ root word from greek or latin.

Can different types of goldfish mate?

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Who is the sports chick on TMZ that seems to know about all sports?

Her name is Llyam Cananzi

Who is the patron saint of cross-country running?

The patron saint of all sports is St. Sebastian.

What are all the scholarship sports?

football. baseball. basketball. water Polo. cross country. volleyball. soccer.

What is the name of the Romania team name?

All the national sports teams has the name Romania.

What is Romania team name?

The name of all sports teams is also Romania.

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New York is a state. Yankees is the name for the team. All sports teams have the beginning of the team name capitalized. It's a proper noun.

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Like all dogs the scientific name for this cross is Canis lupus familiaristhe common name is Poochon

Name all the sports played in maliafrica?

Wrestling , football and athelatics are the sports played in Mali Africa.

What is the name of Murray State University's sports team?

Thoroughbreds for baseball, Racers for all other sports.

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What is the name of the Athlete that played all sports?

cortez Taylor

Does Emerson college have a football team?

No, but they have a Quidditch team, which is a huge part of the "sports" scene at Emerson and, in a way, replaces football at the college. Here are the sports that are offered at Emerson College: Men's sports: baseball, basketball, cross-country, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and volleyball Women's sports: basketball, cross-country lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball Co-ed sports: Quidditch All are Division III

Can you name all the sports in the world?

that is in-possible from mia age 19

Is yale bulldogs a college basketball team?

All sports there have that name.

What does the name Cross Houses mean?

it means the leader of all time

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Can my daughter use cross training shoes for most sports?

I like to think so. I like to think of cross-training shoes as all-purpose shoes but it does depend. You don't want to wear running shoes for climbing rocks and stuff. It depends on how many different sports she does.

Can you name all the sport in the world?

look no one will ever know all the sports in the world!

Name all the sports played in the EU?

Base ball,Football,and soccer

Is there a name for a breed of donkey that has cross on its back?

All donkeys have crosses on their backs.

What are all the sports you can do in California?

California's terrain allows for any kind of sports. It's location near the water allows for the water sports, the northern part of the state receives enough snow to support winter sports, and the temperatures are nice enough to safely do outdoor sports like cross country as well as indoor sports available in any other states.