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Yes, a municipality may be named in a lawsuit just as any person might be named. In fact municipalites are sued all the time for all sorts of reasons. However, when it comes to suing a municipality for damges due to an injury claimed to have been caused by the negligence of the municipality, many states have laws called Tort Claims Acts, or something similar. These acts usually require that a lawsuit on a tort may not be filed unless the municipality is given prior notice within a short period of time. In NJ it is 90 days. If that notice is not given within 90 days of the date of the occurrence of the accident, the right to sue will probably be lost. This gives the municipality time to review and perhaps settle the claim before a lawsuit is filed. If a claimant does not receive a satisfactory response, then at the end of the 90 day period he can sue the municipality.

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Q: Can you name a city as defendant in a lawsuit?
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Can a witness in civil case be added as defendant?

Not if the case were already underway. You would have file a new or amended lawsuit in order to name the 'witness' as a defendant or co-defendant. it is doubtful that an amended lawsuit would be granted at this point in the proceedings.

What pleading can be filed by defendant?

pleadings filed by a defendant in a lawsuit is called written statement.

When voluntarily dismissing a lawsuit must the parties to the lawsuit sign?

The answer is no, the plaintiff can dismiss the lawsuit at anytime if there are no substantial objections from the defendant.

Lawsuit Demand letter?

A lawsuit demand letter is generally a letter from the injured person's lawyer to the defendant or the defendant's lawyer stating the amount of money the plaintiff is suing for.

State the name of the document used to commence a civil lawsuit against a defendant?

In the United States federal court system, the document used to initiate a civil lawsuit against a defendant is called a complaint. In the state court systems, this document is usually called a petition.

What is the person filling a lawsuit called?

The person filing a lawsuit is the Plaintiff. The person they are suing is called the defendant.

What does party to a lawsuit mean?

When someone is referred to as a party to a lawsuit it means they are a litigant, either plaintiff or defendant.

A person who files or begins a civil lawsuit is called?

A plaintiff initiates a lawsuit against a defendant.

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You can call your local civil court and ask if there is a law suit with your name is the defendant. Otherwise you should be receiving paperwork from the court soon if you are part of a lawsuit.

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The court where the lawsuit is filed must have jurisdiction. One of the persons in the lawsuit must either reside there, or the cause of the lawsuit had to occur there.

Does double jeopardy allow a defendant to collect double damages in a lawsuit?