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Q: Can you name a boys and girls basketball team that play in the junior national league?
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How high is a basketball net for junior high girls?

its ten feet just like any other junior/high school gane of basketball

When was the first basketball league for girls launched in the United States?

The first basketball league for girls in the United States was launched in the year 1898. Basketball has been around for many years for girl basketball players.

What is a funny basketball team name for a group of junior girls?

hoop their it is or hoop earings????? <3

Where will us girls junior national volleyball championship 2013?

Dallas in 2013, and Minneapolis in 2014

Is a spalding basketball a girls basketball?

Spalding can be a girls basketball or a guys basketball

What are the top secondary school in Singapore?

raffles institution,hwa chong institution,raffles girls' ,nanyang girls',national junior college ,

Can girls basketball league dunk?

Yes, plenty of women in the WNBA have the natural ability to dunk.

What is the girls professional basketball league?

Its not about good or not . Its about how well you train . They knew that there would be a league , so they worked hard and believe in themselves :)

Who has the longest winning streak in girls junior varsity high school basketball?

The longest winning streak by a junior varsity basketball girls team was 80 strait games by a school in Akron, Ohio. It is worthy to consider that many schools do not report these streaks for this level, so there could be an unreported streak that is higher.

What size is used for a junior league?

If you mean what sized basketball, then it is a size 6 for any girls playing representative basketball, and size six for boys playing representative basketball until under 16's at which stage they will up-size to a size seven ball. in some organizations grade 1 and 2 use size 5 but the rule varies.

When was ESF Junior Girls Championship created?

ESF Junior Girls Championship was created in 1991.

Have any college girls and boys won a national championship in basketball the same year?

Yes uconn

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