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Q: Can you move section to section at a blue jays game?
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A game in which you move section to section?

monoply it the game

How do blue jays move?

Some blue jays do migrate, but most are sedentary. They will roam in small flocks after the nesting season.

Where are blue jays mostly live?

Bleu Jays are mostly in the northern latitudes and in the east... If you are seeing Blues on the lower west coast, chances are they are Stellar Jays.

Where can one find Move Me software for the PlayStation Move?

You can download the Move me software for the Playstation move from the official Playstation website through your Playstation 3. The app will then be added to the game section of the XMB browser.

How do yo complete the mini game in Giza?

You have to move quickly to get the jewel that you need.(blue jewel)

Do PS3 games work on PS3 move?

Only games compatible with move work with it. Most old games are not compatible with move, but some of them have been patched to support move. You can tell if a game works with move or not by looking for a blue "compatible with move" sticker on the top of the game packaging when you buy it.

How do you find the water jar in sims castaways on a ds?

wen the game begins the section on the beach were you are move to the right and it should be there

How do you open a PC Game document on Microsoft Windows Vista?

Here are the steps: # Click the Windows mark (start) button. # Move the arrow to the "All Programs" section. # Then, move the arrow to the "Games" section. # Choose a game that you want to play. I don't know this is right because my computer is Microsoft Windows XP.

Does the PlayStation 'Move' support control for PlayStation one games?

No, move does not support any PS1 games. Only certain PS3 games even support Move. Look for the blue "Supports PS Move" sticker in the upper right of the game package to see if a game supports Move.

What is a moble scarf in the game Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

it lets you move through walls and on magma etc.

How do blue jays get water?

The blue jay can fly because of the wings. They move their wings up and down. When their wings move down that pushs the air down which makes them go up.

What is the first Pokemon game to have dream eater?

The first Pokemon Game to have the move Dream Eater was the first generation Pokemon games. Being Red, Blue, and Yellow. I know because I used dream eater a couple times in Blue. :)