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Yes you can. With the exception of the pawns, all other pieces can move backwards as well as forwards.

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Q: Can you move back and forward with chess pecies?
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How can the horse move in chess?

it can move two forward and to the left or Right

How does a rook move in chess?

The rook moves horizontally or vertically, forward or back , through any number of unoccupied squares .

Chess peice come back to the same spot when brought back?

Chess pieces (King, Queen, Bishops, Knights, Rooks) can move forward, back, and from side to side, even to return to their starting position. Pawns can only more forward and can not move backwards. A pawn can only move diagonally one square to capture an opponent's chess piece. Bishops can only move diagonally along their starting square's colour. Knights can jump over pieces, but must move in an 'L' movement (two squares forward and one to either side, or one forward and two squares to either side.

No one has ever won a chess game by moving forward alone Sometimes one has to move backward to get a better step forward Move Intelligently Ahead?

Of course. The skill in a chess move can't be defined by appearance.

How spaces can a knight move in chess?

A total of three. The knight is the only piece that can change direction in a move, but can only move three spaces. It can move one space forward or back, and two spaces left or right, or it can move two spaces forward or back, and one space left or right.Yes, when in the center of the board a knight can move to a total of eight squares.If you still are not sure i highly suggest reading a chess book.

Can pawn kill side way in chess?

No, they can only move forward and attack diagonally.

How does the king move in checkers?

forward digitally but in any direction (fowards and backwards) but it does not move like a "Rook" in chess.

Are you allowed to move back in chess?

Moves in chess are determined by the nature of the pieces and the spaces available for a legal move. Any chess piece can move backwards except for the pawn - and even the pawn can move backwards in a sense, if it reaches the back of the board and is promoted.

Can you move two ponds at same time on the first move in chess?

I think you mean pawns and no, you can only ever move one piece at a time in chess, but on the first move of every pawn it can move two blocks forward if you want.

Can knights ina chess game move back?

Yes they can :)

What is the move of a pawn?

Assuming you are talking about chess, it always moves forward. It can only move 1 step forward if already moved. If it hasn't been moved then it can move 2 forward. And it can only attack diagonally forward either to the left or right never backwards.

Does a pawn in chess move forward ior side ways to take?

Niether. It takes by moving diagonally.

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